Spotlight: SMWLDN HQ

Covent Garden

Social Media Week London doesn’t so much expect the unexpected as openly encourage it. Operating under the theme of “Open & Connected”, SMWLDN 2013 features a suitably diverse schedule of over 200 events. You could easily lose yourself amongst it all, so we thought we’d better offer a guide.

In this first preview of coming attractions, we’re focussing on events taking place in the SMWLDN HQ in Covent Garden. A space reserved exclusively for SMWLDN VIP Pass holders (on sale NOW), the HQ’s exact location is still a closely guarded secret. All will be revealed shortly, so for now let’s concentrate on what we do know.

Events at the HQ

Fire the Creatives, the Audience Has Arrived” is not only a line destined to send a shiver down the spine of all writers, it’s also a chance to thresh out the coordinates of a new media landscape. The panel session – headed up by Way to Blue and featuring platform owners, movie makers/distributors and some unofficial content creators (A.K.A the audience) – will ask whether it’s the fans or film studios who really have the edge when it comes to driving engagement in movies and pounds at the box office.

Joining forces with SMWLDN for the first time, Salesforce introduce another edition of their Mic-Up format. At “Social Success Mic-Up” there won’t be a keynote or powerpoint slide in sight. It’s a fun and informal atmosphere: just 5 speakers talking for 5 minutes each around a topic – open-mic style! This time asking what businesses can learn from charities and their use of social media to impact change, Mic-Up is a networking event like no other.

From immediate second screen interactions to the long-tail of campaign proliferation, hashtags are disrupting traditional paid media models. In "You’ve Got a Hashtag, Now How Do You Make It Count? #PimpMyHashtag", Richard Jones, CEO of EngageSciences will be joined by senior agency and brand marketers to illustrate how leading social brands, like Nokia and Unilever, are focused on using hashtags to disrupt digital media by connecting and mobilising their army of brand advocates.

The SMWLDN Hub at Covent Garden will bring together the inventors and thought leaders whose collaboration is changing the way we work. Details and specifics on the exciting initiatives planned for the space will be rolled out shortly, so be sure to snap up your VIP Pass now. Super-early bird passes have sold out, but you still pick up a week pass at the early bird discount rate.

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Photo (cc) LaFeba.