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Nicky Swain

Nicky Swain is HR Director at online marketing and creative agency, Digital Outlook and has 12 years experience in HR & recruitment working within entertainment.

Digital Training

I joined this fast moving, exciting industry nearly 5 years ago.  Previously I had HR and recruitment jobs in the music industry.  Training and development courses for people in music are not standard by any means but there are recognised courses and skills based training that people can attend in order to help their personal growth. 


The situation is definitely different in digital.  The challenges I’ve been faced with are many and not limited to:-


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Wading through the Doom & Gloom

You’d have to have been on a desert island to not be aware of the state of our economy and the predictions that 2009 are going to be worse than this year.  With redundancies on the rise and the economy shrinking it is easy to feel incredibly pessimistic about the future.  I would be very surprised to hear of any company that isn’t looking closely at their budgets, tightening their belts and having to make some difficult decisions.  I am not going to ta

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Moving offices...and involving everyone

Creating a great environment to work in may not be viewed as an important factor to engage your talent but its been one of my many priorities over the past year during our office move (in addition to the day job of course). 

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Finding & Attracting Talent - part 2

We've been so busy here interviewing that I forgot to post this weeks ago! Anyway, here goes part 2 of finding & attracting talent ...

Once you think you have the ideal CV, the most common next step is the interview.

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Finding & Attracting Talent

As I mentioned before, talent is very hard to find these days and getting harder.  You may be looking for months for that perfect candidate so what do you do to ensure that you find it and then you attract and engage it? 

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Engage your Talent

What am I talking about..? We all work in a fantastic, fast moving industry where people are key to the success & growth of our businesses.It is ultimately their talent and skills along with their enthusiasm, creativity and thirst for knowledge which results in increased revenue & profit.

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