SMW REWIND: Inside The Firewall Revisited [VIDEO]


Monday's talk, Inside the Firewall Revisited, was a follow-up to our February session which looked at the future of the modern workplace. What happens when the behaviours and technologies of the social web start to permeate the insides of our organisations?

Whether you call it social business or Enterprise 2.0, the changes inside the firewall provide some of the biggest opportunities for organisations, and some of the trickiest challenges.

Social business crosses all kinds of traditional silos: internal comms, strategy, HR, compliance, marketing, IT/technology, legal, customer service, and more.

Technologies and techniques that have blossomed outside the corporate structure are being leveraged internally to great effect, whether revolutionising internal communications or social CRM changing customer interaction.

The talk, which featured experts including Ryan Sommer (Content Marketing, PR Executive at Econsultancy), Craig Hepburn (Global Director, Digital & Social Media at Nokia), Antony Mayfield (Author/Founder of Brilliant Noise), Benjamin Ellis (Director of Socialoptic, Redcatco), and Madlen Nicolaus (Senior Marketing & Community Manager EMEA at Salesforce).

They explored the experiences and ideas of client-side practitioners and external consultants to understand what the journey towards being a social business feels like and what the prizes and hurdles are along the way.

You can check out the slides from the talk here and here.