SMW REWIND: Oversharing or Misunderstood? Automatic Sharing in Social [video]

Betapond: Oversharing or misUnderstood?

Oversharing or Misunderstood? Automatic Sharing in Social was hosted by Betapond on Thursday 27th September 2012 at the Advertising & Marketing Hub at Facebook.

When Facebook unveiled Open Graph and made it possible for apps such as Spotify, Netflix or social readers for the Guardian, Independent or Washington Post to share automatically, it divided opinion. “Frictionless sharing” is a great way to discover new stuff from friends but some think it’s Too Much Information.

The panel included senior marketers with real-world experience of using these apps:

Aaron Rajan from Unilever talked about how they use the power of sharing to help provide clean drinking water to the world’s neediest. 

Chris Lawson, the outgoing director of content sales and marketing at Guardian News & Media, discussed how the Guardian has made a huge success of their Facebook App, which receives more traffic than Google.

Darren Savage, co-founder of Heretics with a long pedigree of digital projects including Nike+, shared his thoughts on how businesses can make the most of sharing without being overbearing.

Other panelists included Rob Proctor, CEO of Audioboo, and Richard Delevan, Marketing Director at Betapond. 

Tune into the livestream below to catch the sesssion, which was followed by an audience Q&A.

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