SMWLDN in Rewind: Personalisation Using Social Data in a World of Noise

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Global Dawn's event, Personalisation Using Social Data in a World of Noise, took place at the Sport, Entertainment & Culture Hub at Engine on Wednesday 26th.

The event explored why personalisation has become so fundamental to business, and why is “social data” the key to unlocking the promise of one-2-one marketing? It also looked at exactly how to harness social data, pin-pointing exactly what data is important in a haystack of social noise.

The term ‘social data’ sounds abstract – but it’s really about something very tangible – finding the customers who are interested in you from millions of social network users, connecting them to you and tailoring their experience of your sites so what you say and offer is more helpful, relevant and meaningful.

Check out the Livestream below to hear Jonathan Lakin, CEO of Global Dawn, discuss how you can make your business stand out from the noise.

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