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SMWLDN in Rewind: 10 Principles for an Open, Connected and Collaborative World


On Thursday at the Advertising & Marketing Hub at Facebook, Toby Daniels, Founder & Executive Director of Social Media Week shared 10 Principles for an Open, Connected and Collaborative World, providing examples of how individuals and organisations are leveraging the power of technology and the creative potential of social media to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

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SMWLDN in Rewind: Cuddles Or Funnels: Social Engagement vs. Social Commerce

Cuddles or Funnels hosted by SYZYGY

On 27th September at our Advertising & Marketing Hub at Facebook, digital marketing agency, SYZYGY, hosted Cuddles or Funnels: Social Engagement vs Social Commerce - a lively panel debate which asked where exactly *is* social media's sweet spot?

Is it the warm embrace of social CRM and two-way engagement with a share-happy audience that powers the business relationship and growth? Or is it an effective sales channel with Finance Director-pleasing ROI and a treasure trove of targeting data?

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SMWLDN in Rewind: Developing a Digital Strategy in a Social World


Developing a Digital Strategy in a Social World took place on Weds 26th Sept at the Advertising & Marketing Hub at Facebook. Digital media has gone through more revolutions in the last decade than other forms of media have experienced across their lifetimes. From web 2.0 to commoditisation of display advertising to sweeping changes of social media.

How do the world’s leading digital strategists plan, develop and maintain a coherent brand in such tumultuous times? Tune into the livestream below and catch up with our expert line-up of strategists who handle some of the world’s leading brands as they navigate the rigours of a changing digital landscape. Panelists at this session included Sonia Carter (Kraft Foods Europe), Justin Pearse (Bite Communications), Johannes-Tobias Lorenz (McKinsey), Craig Hepburn (Nokia) and Alastair Duncan (Alternative Genius).

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#SMWLDN in Rewind: Facebook Creative Best Practices and Measuring Success


Held on Tuesday 25th by Facebook at the Advertising & Marketing Hub at Facebook, this session was designed to inspire both brands and agencies to engage their customers in highly effective ways on Facebook and covered:

  • Creative best practices for reaching and engaging audiences on Facebook
  • How to measure success and ROI of your activities

Eric Edge (Head of Marketing Communications, EMEA, Facebook) discussed creative best practices for reaching audiences on Facebook and Alex North (Measurement Partnership Lead, EMEA, Facebook) presented an overview of how to measure the success of your Facebook activities. Check out what they had to say in the livestream below.

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#SMWLDN in Rewind: Making Social Work for Your Business, Hosted by Oracle

Making Social work for Your Business, hosted by Oracle, took place on Tuesday 25th Sept at the Advertising & Marketing Hub at Facebook.

The rise of social media has dramatically changed the way people communicate…irrevocably. The explosion of social has been tremendous, as Facebook closes in on one billion consumers and Twitter approaches 200 million, not to mention emerging platforms like Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

It’s also clear that companies are fast waking up to the power and value of social. Some organisations have already embraced social and are up and running; using it to connect marketing, sales, commerce and customer service together for an enhanced customer experience, through seamless, real-time responsiveness and high-touch engagement. Others are more tentative and questions remain over value, measurement and how to scale social campaigns.

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SMWLDN in Rewind: Personalisation Using Social Data in a World of Noise

smwldn chalk

Global Dawn's event, Personalisation Using Social Data in a World of Noise, took place at the Sport, Entertainment & Culture Hub at Engine on Wednesday 26th.

The event explored why personalisation has become so fundamental to business, and why is “social data” the key to unlocking the promise of one-2-one marketing? It also looked at exactly how to harness social data, pin-pointing exactly what data is important in a haystack of social noise.

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SMWLDN in Rewind: Through The Eyes of a Child, The Social Media World of 6-11 Year Olds

chinwag psych 9th may header


Taking place on Wednesday 26th Sept at the Sport, Entertainment & Culture Hub at Engine, DOCO's Through the Eyes of a Child: The Social Media World of 6 - 11 Year Olds took the audience on a journey into the mind's of children and how they see and use social media.

Kids are inherently social and are very active on many social media platforms; therefore they are a hugely important part of the social media landscape. Platforms such as Facebook, Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin are arguably making a significant influence on the development of this first generation of social media users, yet this audience is isn’t often discussed and as such is not properly understood.

This discussion focused on what kids are doing on these networking sites, how and why they are so engaged with each other and the platforms, and looked at the psychology behind these behaviours. The event explored what we can learn from today’s generation and what implications these hold for the future.

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#SMWLDN in Rewind: How Social Media Powered the Pop-Up


The afternoon of Tuesday 25th at the Sport, Culture & Entertainment Hub saw Eventbrite's How Social Media Powered the Pop-Up. From boutiques to burger bars, cinemas to spas - pop-ups are delighting curious Londoners all over the city.

But how do these one-off ventures create lasting buzz? And what makes some pop-ups mythical, and others missable? Most work without the luxury of big brand marketing budgets.

This panel discussion brought in the experts behind the pop-ups, including Andrew Swain (Boxpark), Alice Hodge (Art of Dining), Max Bergius (Art Wednesday), Sam Michel (Chinwag) and Dan Young (Young & Foodish). Check out the livestream below and get in on the pop-up discussion.

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#SMWLDN in Rewind: The Impact of Mobile on Social Media


The Impact of Mobile on Social, hosted by The Engine Group took place on Tuesday 25th at the Sport, Entertainment & Culture Hub at Engine.

This panel discussion looked at how mobile became the main platform for brands and agencies to engage consumers, with Dan Beasley, Head of Mobile at JAM (@danbeasley1), Ronan Shields, Reporter for New Media Age (@ronan_shields), and John Bartleson, Director of Marketing D2C at Telefonica Digital (djjohnbee). Check out the livestream below for more.

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#SMWLDN in Rewind: The Decision Makers - The Truth Behind The Family Purchase Dynamic

chinwag psych 9th may header


Tuesday morning at the Sport, Entertainment & Culture Hub at Engine saw The Decision Makers: The Truth Behind the Family Purchase Dynamic, hosted by DOCO London. Catch up with the Livestream below.

Families in the UK spend around £187B a year yet not much is known about the complicated decision making dynamic that goes into how that money is spent. This session looked at who in the family makes what decisions and how the members of the family influence each other and what role social media plays in inter-family communications and the decision making process.

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#SMWLDN in Rewind: What's Happening to the Memesphere?


What's Happening to the Memesphere, hosted by Jam's Kate Miltner (@katemiltner) took place on Monday 24th September at the Sport, Entertainment & Culture Hub at Engine. Catch up with the livestream below.

Memes used to be the province of an internet subculture based around sites and forums like 4chan and Something Awful. But over the past few years, memes have gone from “inside jokes your friends don’t get” to a key element of cultural discourse and a part of the mainstream news cycle. During the session, Kate Miltner discussed how the memesphere has evolved, where it might be going and what these changes mean for the online cultural landscape.

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