13 Handy Sites for SXSW 2013 (International Style)

Neon Austin

Eulogised, mythologised and other -oligised, South by South West Interactive (SXSW) is hard to ignore, even if you're not a fan. Tens of thousands of delegates flock to Austin, Texas for five days of conference, networking and not to be forgotten the parties.

For the several thousand international delegates, the UK being the largest group, it can be a little daunting. The official schedule alone will take several hours to navigate. So, we've pulled together thirteen - it's lucky, right? - handy resources to help those intrepid travellers to Texas navigate SXSW.

  1. Lanyrd’s Unofficial Guide to SXSW events
  2. 50 Essential Tips to being a SXSW Rockstar
  3. Ticket service Eventbrite’s list of SXSW events
  4. SXSW Party Guide mobile app from developers Shout ‘Em
  5. NYC events maestro Gary’s Guide list of SXSW events
  6. SXSW Insider’s Guide from ffvc
  7. Dave Delaney’s 32 essential tips for SXSW
  8. Moo.com’s SXSW free 100 mini business card offer
  9. The UK’s Tech City events at Hackney House in Austin
  10. Events and networking at German Haus @ SXSW 2013
  11. The Great British Breakfast returns to Austin
  12. Buzzshift’s Ultimate SXSW 2013 Party List
  13. Raul Colon’s Tips & Guides for SXSW

<plug>We're almost too modest to mention our Doing Business in the USA summit taking place this Fri (8 Mar). Almost. If you're setting up or expanding your business in the US, it's designed specifically for you, with an awesome line-up of speakers, lunch and post-event networking with Austin's tech elite. Click here for info and tickets.</plug>

As well as the event, I'll be knocking around some of the events above and looking out for familiar faces and accents. Keep an eye out for the bowler hat and say 'hi' if you spot me or catch up on twitter: @toodlepip.

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Adobe Events Look Good Too

Only just spotted these ones:


Cocktails with @baratunde of The Onion fame and Cirque du Soleil creations. That's quite a line-up. 


Thanks for including my list and guide on your list. Will be taking a look at it and including it back to yours. 

I am planning to make a condensed version is anyone from Chinwag including you Sam going to be at #SXSW?


Heading to Austin

Yes indeed, I'll be chairing a session and generally making a nuisance of myself at Doing Business in the USA Summit on Fri and at other events during SXSW. 

More info on the summit here:


See you in Austin. Safe travels!