50+ lists of digital predictions for 2009

2843731730_bb6f325081_m.jpgIt started out with a quick gander of eMarketer's list of 2009 predictions which has been bouncing round Twitter for the last day or so, then a chuckle with The Onion's list of predictions and then the madness descended. I should have learnt from last year's round-up, but alas no.

Below is the result in somewhat arbtitrary categories, a monster list of prediction lists. I'd love to pour all these lists into a clever tag tool and see what the key themes that drop out the other end, from a quick perusal, Twitter, Facebook, Cloud Computing, sensible business/get real/downturn/belt-tightening/good for digital and wild M&A speculation emerge.

Clearly, there's loads of predictions missing, so do let me know (email / Twitter) or add a comment if there's any that should be added.

List of 2009 Predictions



Tech & Startups

Online Media, Marketing & Advertising

Affiliate, Search (PPC/SEO) & Email Marketing

Social Media


Games, Music & Video


Video & Slide Predicitions

TrendsSpotting - Online Marketing 2009 Predictions

Social Media Influencers Predictions 2009 By Trendsspotting
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Rosalind Gardner - Affiliate Marketing Predictions for 2009

TrendsSpotting - Influencers on Social Media 2009 Predictions

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Thanks sam for sharing this

Thanks sam for sharing this list with us. Your list includes really very nice and useful apps.


Wow - great list Sam, thanks! Should stop me getting any work done next week.

Thank you for including Blind Five Year Old


Thank you for including Blind Five Year Old in your list of 2009 Predictions. You've done a great job collecting them all. Now we just have to wait a year to see if anyone had any of it right.

All the best.

AJ Kohn (Author of Blind Five Year Old)

a late contender

NMK's own list of predictions (no new media site should be without one) is online here: http://nmk.co.uk/article/2009/1/3/new-year%E2%80%99s-evolution-what-does...

Quite right, too.

Good shout Ian, I'll add this to the list above for those that don't make full use of the scroll bar Wink