All of a Flutter as Twitter Passes MySpace

three dog tug by boltron-

Twitter has been hitting the marketing trail over the last couple of weeks as the work to entrance the media buying world was kicked off with stints as ad:tech London and the IAB MIXX in New York and the news that promoted tweets are well on the way.

And it looks like there's plenty to crow about as newcomer(ish) has overtaken According to comScore (and reported by the WSJ), Twitter had nearly 96 million users last month (August), up 76% from last year, whilst dropped 17% to a mere 95 million uniques.

The stats aren't quite so clear at rival metrics company, with MySpace still ahead of Twitter, but the margin dropping rapidly:

Alexa, on the other hand concurs with comScore:

Alexa Graph of vs Facebook

Still, let's everyone not mention the elephant in the room. Yes, the one with the big blue F in the logo, a feature film about its founder and 598 million unique visitors in August, up 54%.

Hat tip: @jowyang

Photo (cc) boltron.