All The World's a Game

game night at duende by danja vasiliev

My morning routine involves a diet of strange and wonderful podcasts including the thought-provoking TEDtalk series.

Today, I watched the Seth Priebatsch from scvngr talking about how the social web is pretty much built, next up is the building of the game layer on top.

Certainly an interesting perspective especially with <clench>gamification</clench> being liberally used in lots of recent discussions around the industry, including a recent paper from Wired UK's David Rowan.

It's an area we'll be exploring next week during Social Media Week in  Game On! Games and Brands (thanks to sponsors Nokia and JWT) - still a few spaces left if you fancy popping along (RSVP here) - with Wired UK, Playcast, Nokia UK and JWT.

(cc) Photo by danja vasiliev.