Digital industry confidence bottoms out

1443926963_5a8fdcb03f_m.jpgEach month, the slightly gloomy chore of publishing the Digital Pulse result hits the top of my to do list. Or more accurately, I finally get hassled to the point where I actually manage to get the results on the website.

Since we began compiling this data from a monthly user survey (why not take it now - for each completed survey a donation gets made to WWF) the trend has been a fall in confidence which seemed to accelerate with all the bad financial news.

Despite rosy predictions from the blogosphere and beyond of the digital sector's immunity from the economic traumas, the scale of recession looks like the whole economy is in for quite a kicking.

Perhaps November's results indicate a small rebound in confidence across the digital industry, with the Digital Pulse showing a very small (1%) increase. A last minute of business before the festive season wind-down? We'll know the results in two weeks' time when December's survey results are in.


The optimism of the Summer months evaporated as it became clear the economic news was bad. Note that the Digital Pulse was already falling before the news of Lehman Brothers broke and the full ramifications became clear. The small rebound in November may be an anomaly which December's results may clarify.

Anecdotally, there's plenty of gritted teeth waiting for what 2009 will bring. There's also lots of optimism around the focus and drive that a more competitive environment should bring with it.

Peruse onwards for the results of November's Digital Pulse in easy-to-digest graphical format...

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How respondents feel about current market conditions


How respondents feel about market conditions in six months time


Whether respondents feel there are ample job opportunities currently


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Whether there are ample job opportunities by type of employment


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Market conditions in 6 months time by sector


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