Japanese Games Mag Publisher, Enterbrain Joins Japan Games Mission

Tokyo Game Show 2008 by kanegen

There's still time to get an application in for the UKTI Mission to Tokyo Games Show designed specifically for UK-based games companies targeting the Japanese market with a detailed insight into the challenges of working in Japan, and highlighting the opportunities available.

The team in Tokyo have confirmed that Enterbrain (Wikipedia entry) who publish Weekly Famitsu, Famitsu Xbox360, Famitsu PSP+PS3, Famitsu DS+Wii as well as compiling retail games charts will be attending the roundtable session and the British Embassy reception.

This invite list for the event includes Bandai Namco, Konami, Sony Computer Entertainment, Capcom, Koei, Sharp, Softbank, Toei Animation, Genius Sonority, G-mode, International Games Developers Association (IGDA), Kodansha amongst many others.

For more information about the trip, check out the information on the website. The application process includes a conference call with the team in Japan with the deadline looming (Fri, 30th July - although the form will be open over the weekend), make sure to complete your application quick smart.

Photo (cc) kanegen.