PsychUp November Speaker update: #FoodPsych & Cognitive Modelling

Moesephine & The Brain by davidd

OK, we admit it. We got a little greedy with not one, but two new speakers who've kindly agreed to come and speak at next week's PsychUp November: Karen Fewell author of upcoming book #FoodPorn and Ian Randolph, Head of Cognitive Modelling at Samos Analytics.

Along with Alex Sass, who'll explore how social phobias can be used in planning digital marketing campaigns, it's going to be a varied session with plenty of food for thought. And drinks. And nibbles. There's still time to grab a ticket.

Karen's presentation, "Why do we share food images via social networks?" explores one of the themes from her upcoming book, #FoodPorn. Her work examines the relationship between food and social conversation and how it impacts behaviour.

Our final presentation comes from Ian Randolph who'll explore the Engagement Paradox, when higher engagement drives lower conversion. Surely, every social media marketers nightmare?

Ian's work at Samos Analytics is backed by DARPA (the US government agency that brought us the Internet) amongst others looking at how to make choosing online easy and satisfying — by helping people realise what is most important.

Tickets are only £15 (£10 for students) and include drinks and nibbles.

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Photo (cc) davidd.