Social Media Week London: Some Choice Events Curated by Chinwag's Sam Michel

Social Media Week London Sep 2012 - Schedule Screenshot

Social Media Week September is almost upon us, next week, and for one year only, London’s playing host to its second week-long festival of all things social.

There’s stack of events, virtually of them free, to choose from, but with just a couple of days to go, spaces are getting snapped up fast. Fortunately a whole heap of events have been added in the last few days.

In a bid to find to navigate the schedule and provide a few pointers, I’ve rummaged through the list of events and picked out a few choice nuggets in a range of topics. Enjoy perusing them, and make sure you snap up a ticket quick smart!

On to the events...


The Future

Social Business

Social Innovation

One-to-one Expert Advice

Food, Glorious Food (and Drink)

Olympics - Go #TeamGB

Get Hired!

Fashion Mwah Mwah Dahrling


Talking of navigation (shhh, let’s not mention Apple Maps eh?) the sparkly new updated SMW mobile app powered by Nokia is available for Windows, iPhone, Symbian and Android, definitely one of the easier ways to navigate the schedule and find out where your next event is taking place. Download it from the SMWLDN website.

And of course, for the full selection of Social Media Week London events, don’t forget to check out the full schedule.

Hope to see you next week!


Like Minds at Social Media Week

Like Minds are hosting a full week of events during Social Media Week as well:

Mon. 24th Sept.

0900-1030am: Truth. And Trust. Why What You Do in Social Media Matters. - 

1630-1800pm: Show Me The Money. Where the Real Opportunities are to Create Business Wealth with Social Media. - 


Tues. 25th Sept.

1630-1800pm: Social Consumerization of the Workplace - How Mobile and Social Technologies Have Transformed the Way We Work. - 


Weds. 26th Sept.

1330-1730pm: Innovation in Social Business and Communications. - on LikeMinds website: on SMW platform:

Immersive with Yann Gourvennec, Director Digital and Social Media, Orange Group; James Moffat, MD Organic Development; and Paul Sloane, Founder, Destination Innovation. Featuring an introduction to Innovation in Business by Chris Moss - former CMO of Virgin Atlantic, ex-CEO of 118118, and creator of the Orange brand.


Thurs. 27th Sept.

0900-1030am: SoLoMo. Why Are We Waiting? - 

1630-1800pm: Forget "Likes", be Liked. Do You Influence? Are You Influenced? - 


Fri. 28th Sept.

0900-1030am: Switched-on, Always on, Mod-con, or Con? Jacked-in Social Panacea, or Real-World Failure? - 

1630-1800pm: The Future of Being Social. What Next? - 

The URL for attendees to register is here: - 

Flyer: -