Space for SMWLDN HQ - Can you Help?

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The return of Social Media Week London (SMWLDN) 24-28 Sept will see a number of changes to the way SMWLDN works including the creation of several content-specific hubs and the launch of the SMWLDN work experience programme.

We're on the hunt for some space for the SMWLDN HQ in the run-up to September's event to house the team including the work experience folks and our fantastic volunteers that between them mean we can keep the majority of SMWLDN events free for everyone to attend. Can you help?

Here's what Martin Talks, President at Draftfcb who kindly supported the SMWLDN HQ in February had to say,

"To connect with Social Media Week London is to connect to a global platform of new ideas, experiences and challenges. Draftfcb was a supporting partner of SMW Feb and was proud to support the event. And personally I look forward to September. Not to be missed."

There's lots of great reasons to get involved, not only the warm glow from supporting a great event. It's a great opportunity to get involved with the inner workings of SMWLDN and connect with the ever growing audience of Social Media Week. 

Plus, with the work experience team in action, you'll get a chance to see potential new hires in action, up-close.

For more information and to discuss the details francescaatchinwag [dot] com (drop us a line).

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What's in it for the host...

Apart from a bunch of non earning hassle...

What will you actively do to make it worthwhile for the host?

For the host...

@Jon - There's plenty for the host. In addition to being recognised as a SMWLDN supporter on the website and print material, the host also gets the opportunity to get involved and support the organisation of SMWLDN, as well as other benefits that we build into the arrangement.

The aim this Sep is to find space so that we can provide work experience opportunities for people who need hands-on experience with digital marketing, social media and events to help build their careers. As virtually all of the events are free-to-attend, we're only able to provide this type of opportunity through the generosity of our supporters.

Hopefully there's a supporter who has desks that would be otherwise unused for the next few weeks and wouldn't mind our little team taking advantage. We also bring very nice coffee with us!

A further benefit is for the host company to see the work experience folks in action and we hope, the chance to hire the best at the end of the event in Sep.