Thank You: Global Grill Donations for Japan

American Red Cross Donation for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund

A big thank you to everyone who attended Chinwag's Global Grill during the mission to South by South West last month and contributed to the Japan Tsunami appeal.

The event, designed to bring together all of the international delegates flying in to Austin for the event, saw the generous patrons of the event donating over $500 towards the American Red Cross' appeal to support victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

A big thank you to UK Trade & Investment for supporting the event, and the lovely Christopher Dunn from UKTI's Houston office for making sure the cash got to its proper destination, top chap!

#sxswcares Japan AppealThis small contribution was part of the wider #sxswcares appeal that was hastily put together during the event, and still continues to gather donations, raising over $124,00 at the time of writing.

The appeal is still running and there's still 280,000 people who need your help, the British Red cross appeal is still running. Why not give a few quid, I'm sure Will & Kate would think of it as an appropriate wedding present.