UK Launches at South by South West

Filming on the Mission by Benjamin EllisIt might be called 'Glastonbury for Geeks', but despite the laid-back demeanour, South by South West (SXSWi), there's plenty of business going taking place.

SXSWi is famous as a launch-pad for Twitter and laterly foursquare, and with so many tech types crammed into Austin for a week, provides the perfect cauldron of opportunity for spreading the word.

The UK firms taking part in the Digital Mission are seizing this opportunity with both hands (imagine a mobile phone in one hand, a mouse in the other). Here's a summary of the shiny new launches that will be unleashed from from Brainient, Codegent, Codility, Littleloud, Little World Gifts, oneDrum, PageDo, Skimlinks, Smidgn and Tweetjobs:

Brainient, Helping Publishers Monetize Video

BrainientBrainient helps video publishers monetize their video content through affiliate marketing and interactive elements. Create interactive in-video advertising campaigns, get feedback from your viewers through polls or contact forms and make more money through our 7000 affiliate marketing partners. Publish and distribute your videos with our open-source video management platform focused on scalability and ease of use.

Codility Launches New Pricing for Their Coders' Tests

CodilityCodility, providers of tools to test prospective coders, have launched new pricing model based on monthly subscriptions at SXSWi! If you come to the Digital Mission stand and talk to us we will be happy to give you our entry plan for 1 month for free.

Codegent Launching Dash, Speedy Online Business Setup

DASHDASH is the fastest way to set your new business up online. DASH streamlines the setup process of your domain name, core services such as email and calendar through to a hosted, branded content managed website and blog. In addition all the social media accounts that you might need are created for you and fully integrated so you can start marketing straight away. DASH will transform your business idea from vision to reality in under 30 minutes.

Littleloud Launching New Animated Doctor Who Series, Dreamland

LittleloudDreamland, Doctor Who's all new animated adventure series created by Littleloud for the BBC is now available on DVD. Created in eye-catching high-definition 3-D animation, the series sees the Doctor, played by David Tennant, hook up with two new companions - Cassie (Georgia Moffett) and Jimmy (Tim Howar) - and pits him against a new alien race, the monstrous Viperox, led by Lord Azlok (David Warner).

Little World Gifts, Launching Exclusive Location-Aware Virtual Gifts

Little World GiftsVirtual goods and merchandising startup Little World Gifts announced location-based virtual goods, offering a different spin on the location-sharing offering of apps like Foursquare and Gowalla. This functionality will feature three location-based items exclusive to the event. There'll be a classic English gent's bowler hat available when you open up the app at their stand in the convention centre. A commemorative Texas quarter plus a retro sheriff's badge will be available elsewhere in the city - and part of the fun is finding them! If you're an iPhone user and are going to be in Austin, sign up for the closed beta at

oneDrum adding sharing and collaboration to Microsoft Office documents

oneDrumoneDrum will be the first application to take the compromise out of Microsoft Office. Users can share files by dragging them onto contacts; a separate copy is then kept on every collaborators computer. If users are editing them at the same time they can see where every other editor is working, with changes applying across copies in realtime.

Pagedo, Landing Pages Made Easy

Page/DoWe will be launching to the public, for the first time, our product, PageDo - the simplest way to build effective landing pages. PageDo is an online service for small business and marketing professionals to quickly build landing pages to collect user information online from email, twitter and social media campaigns. It's an exciting product, and great timing, particularly as 2010 has been dubbed as the "year of Conversion Rate Optimization".

Skimlinks Launching Skimkit, Creating Valuable Affiliate Content

SkimlinksThe ultimate tool for content creators. SkimKit aggregates the very latest products and offers from hundreds of international retailers into a smart desktop tool, minimising research time and empowering editors to create links in content, which are automatically monetised using the Skimlinks technology. Creating more valuable content has never been so easy.

Smidgn, Doing For Facts What Twitter Did For Status Updates

SmidgnSmidgn radically simplifies the way you share interesting facts on theweb. Start using our platform as a fun way to get the back-story on your Twitter friends and followers. Share what you know to get recognition in your areas of expertise and build your online reputation.

Tweetjobs, Providing A One-Stop Shop For Jobs On Twitter

TweetJobsFollowing proof of concept and back-end technology, Tweetjobs is launching a newly-engineered User Interface goes live, making it easier than ever for jobseekers to get timely and accurate job opportunity information - delivered as THEY want it.

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