UK Social Media Census 2011: 61% Getting Their 'Social' On [Infographic]

UK Social Media Census 2011 by Lansons

Here at Chinwag, we like a tasty infographic and this one is a doozy. Built from data collected around the time of the national census, our friend Simon Sanders from Lansons recently published it on their blog.

That's equivalent to the UK's entire working population (~29.3m in 2009 - is this rising/falling - discuss) using social media with a few more people to spare.

But how many people work in the social media industry? From my (caffeine-induced, late afternoon) calculations, around 0.02% of people working in the services sector are engaged in social media. Please feel free to rubbish my methodology in the comments.

In the meantime, here's the full infographic, click on the image for the full-size version:

UK Social Media Census by Lansons

Sam's (back of a fag packet) methodology for calculating people working in social media: Extrapolating (and take this with not just a bag, make it a dump-truck of salt)  the number of people with social media in their title from Linkedin (3,772 as of today) and using the number of people working in services (22.9m, 2008 estimate) means around 0.02% of the working population works in social media.

Infographic (c) Lansons.