Viral Brand Champs of 2010 (So Far)

Most Viral Brands of 2010 (So Far)

Regular Chinwaggers and viral boffins, Rubber Republic have put together a hefty and rather brilliant compilation of the this year's top viral marketing campaigns measured across their Viral Ad Network.

The analysis reveals Facebook's growing influence in the social media world providing a more effective and longer-lasting mechanism for sharing content, whilst Twitter's high-volume stream lends itself to geekier fare.

Scoring a viral success is clearly a tricky business, with stickiness, or should that be slipperyness, proving difficult to achieve,

"Across the 200 virals featured in the chart over the 20 week period, only 17 videos appeared in subsequent weeks, and no video lasted more than 2 weeks in a row - meaning that videos [only] have an 8.5% chance of appearing in the chart for longer than one week".

Unsurprisingly, Old Spice features heavily in the chart with two entries at numbers 5 and 9 and to my shame I've missed some of the other virals mentioned in the list.

The top ten viral by views were:

  1. Shakira, Waka Wakak (2020 FIFA World Cup Kick-off) - 12,033,791 views
  2. Nike Write The Future - 11,474,705 views
  3. Will It Blend? - iPad - 5,613,570 views
  4. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Trailer: 10 Preview) - 5,198,272 views
  5. Old Spice Questions - 4,890,483 views
  6. New Eclipse Trailer - 4,072,255 views
  7. New Tiger Woods Commercial: Earl and Tiger - 3,029,000 views
  8. Starcraft II: Ghosts of the Past Trailer - 2,990,137 views
  9. Re: Everyone | Old Spice - 2,417,326 views
  10. Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow (2020 FIFIA World Cup Kick-off) - 2,000,559 views

The full report is presented in full infographic style (check it out on Flickr), or see below for a précis version...

Most Viral Brands of 2010 (So Far) Infographic

Pictures (c) Rubber Republic.