T-1 GameHorizon Conference

Lots of Game & Watch by neofob

Following the very successful Thinking Digital event, Newcastle’s Codeworks next conference is focused on the Games Sector.

The GameHorizon Conference 29th to 30th June is billed as Europe's leading event for international game executives. A two-day conference featuring the most creative, entertaining and inspiring speakers from the games and entertainment industry.

Headlined by the legendary Ian Livingstone (Gamesworkshop, Fighting Fantasy, EIDOS, amongst others), it also counts Peter Molyneux (Bullfrog, Lionhead studios ), Michael Acton Smith (CEO, Mindcandy), Yohei Ishii (CCP) and Darren Jobling (Eutechnyx) amongst its speakers.

Having not attended Thinking Digital, and having seen what I missed out I was keen to attend this Codeworks event. I am expecting some serious discussions, networking and a chance to interview some industry greats.

I will be blogging this event for Chinwag and for the brilliant games website: This is my Joystick so do check out both for a complete 360 of the event itself (without perhaps any RROD problems).

I am also operating through twitter: @influenceinfo with the #ghc. So if you want to meet up and be blogged, send me a tweet

Photo (cc) Jonas Ahrentorp.