10 Tips to Ace that Phone Interview

kiwanja_kenya_calling_16 by Ken Banks, kiwanja.net

When it comes to telephone interviews you'd think that something as simple as talking on the phone would be easy but with a lack of visual signals and having to rely just on auditory feedback it's difficult to stay focussed. They can be tricky things.

We've put together a few pointers to get you in the right frame of mind before taking that career-changing call:

  1. First off it would be helpful to record a mock interview so you can detect any little niggling things that could work against you. You'll be able to hear any "ums", "uhs" "ehs" that you might not realise you're doing.
  2. Before the call, tape your CV to a wall next to the phone or the desk where you'll be sitting during the interview so you can go through your previous experience easily.
  3. Just as you would for any face to face interview have answers to some of the typical interview questions rehearsed and even written down next to you. The same thing goes with the face to face interview; try not to sound too robotic with your answers.
  4. Have a short list of accomplishments from your previous roles that you can talk through if you're asked.
  5. Have a pen and paper at hand, of course, for some opportune note taking so you can write down exactly what questions were asked and how you responded. It's something that will come in handy for the next stage too.
  6. The technical stuff - if you have call waiting turn it off so you're not interrupted and if there's a chance the reception on your mobile will be less than perfect opt to use a landline instead.
  7. Evict everyone in the room: turn off the TV/washing machine/stereo/screaming child.
  8. Have a glass of water next to you in case you have to clear your throat and pay a visit to the loo beforehand too, those nerves can play havoc with your bladder.
  9. Have a folder set aside for company research so you can quickly put some insightful questions to your interviewer and impress them with your knowledge about the organisation.
  10. End on a positive note. Thank your interviewer for their time and take the chance to hammer home your suitability and interest in the position as well as squashing any doubts they may have about your experience.

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Photo (cc) Ken Banks, kiwanja.net.