Digital Mission to NYC - New York & Web 2.0 Expo Events

Digital Mission to NYC

Digital Mission is organised by Chinwag for UK Trade & Investment, enabling digital companies to expand into overseas markets and attract investment outside the UK.

Congratulations to the companies selected by the advisory board to attend the Digital Mission to New York and listed amongst the 21 hottest digital SMEs in the UK.

The Digital Mission to NYC runs from Mon 15th Sept to Fri 19th Sept, alongside the Web 2.0 Expo. There are a number of networking session, panel events and meet-ups that have been organised as part of the Digital Mission. See below for a list, and come along, if you can. There's a host of interesting companies to meet:

Tue, 16th Sept - 9.00am - 11.30am

Winston & Strawn, 200 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10166-4193 (Map)

Take this fantastic opportunity to join some of the most innovative digital entrepreneurs and companies from the UK. Discover the state of the digital industry in the UK and beyond and meet the people who are at the forefront of making it happen. Come and join us for this networking breakfast on the elegant 42nd floor of the Met-Life building. The event is free, but please RSVP for security passes, you'll need a photo ID to enter the event.

Tue, 16th Sept - 2.30pm - 4.30pm

101 Park Avenue, 4th floor, New York, 10178 (Map)

Take this opportunity to meet some of the most innovative and dynamic digital companies from the UK. Meet the Digital Mission delegates, make contact with key UK companies, find distribution channels, potential clients, partners and reseller opportunities. Join us at Sun Microsystem's offices and find out. The event is free, but please RSVP for security passes, you'll need a photo ID to enter the event.

Wed, 17th Sept - 7.00pm - late

Garden of Ono, Hotel Gansevoort (Red Carpet entrance on Hudson Street, bet. 13th St. & Gansevoort St., New York
York, 10178 (Map)

Digital Mission and Digital Wednesdays get-together at one of New York's top venues. The UK contigent will be rubbing shoulders with the movers and shakers at the weekly networking event for digital media professionals, Digital Wednesdays. Sign-up now as space is limited and mingle with the movers and digital movers and shakers from New York and some of the innovators from the UK's digial scene. RSVP on the Digital Wednesday Meetup page.

Thu, 18th Sept - 2.00pm - 2.50pm

Room 3, Web2Open @ Web 2.0 Expo, Javits Center (Map)

Two nations separated by a common language? Perhaps, but fortunately this doesn't apply to e-commerce, social neworks and a host of Web 2.0 business models. The European market with over 500 million citizens is a huge market, and the UK is the natural first-step. After all we do share (pretty much) the same language. This session is an opportunity to debate the similarities and differences between the UK/Europe's digital sector and the US at this Web2Open session. Find out what it's like to do business in the UK, discover the challenges and opportunities. The panel will comrpise some of the UK's hottest start-ups, a representative from UK Trade & Investment (part of the UK government) and others. Register for an "Expo" pass with the code "webny08opn". (more info about this Web2Open event on Web 2.0 Expo CrowdVine)

Thu, 18th Sept - 7.00pm - 8.00pm

Gallery B, Hudson Hotel, 356 West 58th Street New York, New York 10019 (Map)

Come and meet 21 of the UK's leading digital companies who are coming to Web 2.0 Expo as part of the Digital Mission Although there's no Piers Morgan, there will be an opportunity to network with some of the most innovative digital companies in the UK showing their work and demonstrating their web tools. Plus, if you're interested in expanding to the UK or EU, discover more about the local market. Register for an "Expo" pass with the code "webny08opn".