Companies attending Digital Mission to New York '09

Digital MissionDigital Mission is organised by Chinwag and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), enabling digital companies to expand into overseas markets and attract investment outside the UK.

Congratulations to the companies selected to attend the Digital Mission to New York in November '09!



BandCentral Logowilatbandcentral [dot] com (Wil Padley)Twitter

BandCentral is a web tool that helps bands manage themselves online. BandCentral gives bands their very own ‘Band HUB’ with all the tools they need to communicate, store files, manage gigs, merch, music, money, tasks, promotion, contacts and everything else associated with their band in one central, secure and accessible place. mattatbizk [dot] it (Matt Hagger)Twitter

Bizkit is a revolutionary new system that carries out your business’s administrative tasks and processes for you, saving you time and money.

It’s an accounts package, organiser, secretary and document management system all rolled into one. All the functions are synchronized - it writes your letters, creates invoices, completes your accounts, manages your meetings and updates your bank accounts at the press of a button. And you can access Bizkit wherever you are - all you need is an internet connection.

Box UK

Box UKbennoatboxuk [dot] com (Benno Wasserstein)Twitter

Box UK is a professional Internet-services agency that delivers expert, user-focused web experiences and cutting-edge software. Amaxus®, our leading Web Content Management system, currently drives hundreds of websites for organisations ranging from global brands to leading public sector institutions.

Can Studios

Can Studiospaul [dot] hiltonatthe-can [dot] com (Paul Hilton)

Established for over 10 years and based in our dynamic studio in the heart of Sheffield, Can Studios Ltd. develop software solutions for learning and human resources requirements. We are experienced in delivering the highest quality online applications and courses that conform to the latest coding, usability and W3C accessibility standards across a diverse range of industries.

Cognitive Match

Cognitive Matchalexatcognitivematch [dot] com (Alex Kelleher)

Cognitive Match uses the latest advances in artificial intelligence, learning mathematics, psychology and semantic technologies to create solutions that match individuals with content in realtime.

Content Targeting can be applied to optimise products, offers, editorial or creative executions to the individual user. Our software maximises response, and thereby helps increase conversion, revenue and ultimately profit for our clients.


Coullirfonatcoull [dot] com (Irfon Watkins)Twitter

Coull offer a self serve interactive video advertising platform, free to use and paid for based on engagement rates or share of ecommerce revenues. All user engagements are tracked and we work with all major ad serving technology partners to help deliver targeted campaigns

Digital Clarity

Digital Clarityreggie [dot] jamesatdigital-clarity [dot] com (Reggie James)Twitter

Digital Clarity is a leading Search and Digital Media Agency that can leverage over 6 years experience in this dynamic and increasingly complex industry. Operating from bases across 3 continents with offices in Guildford, London, Sydney & New York, Digital Clarity use a transparent and success driven model to deliver results.

Ixaris Systems

Ixarisalex [dot] mifsudatixaris [dot] com (Alexander Mifsud)Twitter

Ixaris Systems, Ltd. is a creator and operator of transaction-based financial solutions that give anyone the ability to pay regardless of their location or credit-worthiness. Our flagship payment product, EntroPay, eliminates the hassle of sending and receiving money online and gives users a safe, reliable way to pay.


ipadiomarkatnemisys [dot] uk [dot] com (Mark Smith)Twitter

ipadio allows you to broadcast live from any phone to the Internet. Phone blog, collect audio data, record and update the world.  

ipadio is integrated with social media, blogging platforms, and teleconferencing to enable Mass Interaction. (pat pend GB0820862.1)

Business focus has been FTSE 100, charity, and sport, with clients including  Virgin Media, ERM, The Red Cross and England Golf, under the banner “Talk with Your World”.

gilesatipadio [dot] com (Giles Bryan), Commercial Director for ipadio will be joining Mark Smith on the mission.

KMP Digitata

KMP Digitatagezatkmp [dot] co [dot] uk (Gez Daring)Twitter

KMP were established in 1991 and have been working in Digital Marketing and internet technology space since 1995.

We are a group of innovative and exciting digital marketing practitioners, interactive designers, creatives and technology experts based in Manchester who have a flair for marketing and online interactive applications.

Lamp Digital

Lamp Digitalcraigatlampdigital [dot] com (Craig Taylor)Twitter

LAMP Digital is an innovative Manchester based web development agency now in our ninth year. With clients ranging from the DVLA and Vodafone to local SMEs, we specialise in web design and web development for businesses who demand a little more from the web.
From online booking engines and complex CMS sites to web applications and web start-ups, we build clever web sites...”


learn2lingoshiraatlearn2lingo [dot] com (Shira Rubin)Twitter

The learn2lingo cross cultural community is connecting teachers and learners worldwide via live video.

Learning another language is an exciting adventure, it opens the door to another world; therefore we are making it as flexible and effective as possible for all.


Mobilizejonatthisismobilized [dot] com (Jonathon Palmer)

Mobilized has reinvented the traditional greeting card.
Mobilized cards revolutionise the experience of giving or receiving cards by seamlessly integrating mobile content into paper greeting cards.  

It gives consumers new ways to express themselves or give something special so they can create unique moments in their friends and families lives.

Martingale Internet Technologies

Martingalechristian [dot] braunatthemartingale [dot] com (Christian Braun)

Martingale Internet Technologies believes that the dominance eBay has enjoyed in recent years is giving way to web 2.0 specialist auction sites with strong community elements. Over the last three years its team has built category killer software to specifically target large communities of collectors allowing it to compete with eBay in a number of their markets. Martingale has launched its first community, Toy Collector.


OpenJoshuaatthisisopen [dot] com (Joshua Rex)Twitter

Open is an industry recognised innovator and award winning agency committed to redefining ad space. We build and deploy advertising campaigns and brand communications centred around a proprietary, ground breaking display-media broadcast platform, called 
Open SUITE™. Open SUITE™ transforms static digital media into intelligent, interactive, multi-functional broadcast channels that enable a utility-driven content experience from the first point of engagement.

ShareMyPlaylists.cominfoatsharemyplaylists [dot] com (Kieron Donoghue)Twitter
http://sharemy is a music community based around sharing and discovering music via Spotify playlists.


Stylesignalgeoffatstylesignal [dot] com (Geoff Watts)Twitter

Stylesignal saves the fashion industry time and money by showing what customers really want to buy, and exposing how trends and demand change in real time.


SubHubevanatsubhub [dot] com (Evan Rudowski)Twitter

SubHub makes it easy and affordable for anyone to build and manage a content website and make money from it via subscription, membership, advertising and e-commerce.

The Filter

The Filter dmratthefilter [dot] com (David Maher Roberts) Twitter

The Filter is a global leader in recommendation and relevance tools, equipping some of the world’s largest audio and video publishers and aggregators with powerful and effective entertainment optimization systems. The Filter is proven to increase usage and engagement, helping entertainment services become more efficient and competitive.


type3 mattattype3digital [dot] com (Matthew Iliffe) Twitter

Type3 is a London and San Francisco based creative digital agency with over 10 years of knowledge and experience in digital media. Type3 specializes in the design and development of brand orientated online properties and campaigns that engage users to deliver excellent results.


Wolfstarstuartbatwolfstarconsultancy [dot] com (Stuart Bruce) Twitter

Wolfstar is officially the UK’s Outstanding Small PR Consultancy of 2009 – providing specialist counsel in public relations, social media and word of mouth marketing and communications. Clients include Sony Ericsson, First Direct, Philips and the NHS.

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