Digital Mission to SXSWi '10 - companies attending

Digital MissionCongratulations to the companies selected for this year's legendary Digital Mission to South by South West interactive festival (SXSWi), in Austin, Texas.

Digital Mission is organised by Chinwag and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), enabling digital companies to expand into overseas markets and attract investment outside the UK.

You can also download or browse a PDF version of the company information contained in the official Digital Mission to SXSWi 2010 brochure.

Companies selected



London’s most experienced multi-platform user experience design consultancy. Highly qualified staff, innovative, rigorous research, beautiful, elegant designs that users love. We work all over the world with clients like Microsoft, Sony Computer Entertainment, Vodafone, eBay, LG, Samsung and RIM.


AudiobooMark [dot] rockatbestbefore [dot] tv (Mark Rock)Twitter

Audioboo is a platform for creating & sharing the spoken word. Initially an iPhone App, it makes it simple to record audio on the move and upload it to the web, complete with photo, title & geolocation data.

Blueleaf Digital

Blueleaf Digitalrobatblue-leaf [dot] co [dot] uk (Rob Smith)Twitter

Blueleaf Digital is part of Blueleaf Group, based in Cheshire. Blueleaf Digital helps clients with their digital strategy, ecommerce and digital customer engagement and is highly focused on fantastic return on investment.


Brainientemiatbrainient [dot] com (Emi Gal) Twitter

Brainient helps video publishers monetize video content by adding interactive elements and affiliate marketing. The solution works with any video management platform and only takes a few minutes to set up.


Codegentmarkatcodegent [dot] com (Mark McDermott)Twitter

Codegent is an award winning, digital marketing agency based in London, UK and Bangkok, Thailand. Historically we re-invest our profits into R&D for competitive advantage. In 2010 we are taking to market a new division of the agency that exclusively develops web applications aimed at the entrepreneur and developer community.


Codilitychrisatcodility [dot] com (Chris Kowalczyk)Twitter

Codility simplifies recruitment of software engineers by assessing programming skills over the Internet. Candidates are requested to code solutions to programming problems in a browser-based development environment. Submitted code is automatically assessed (for correctness and performance), yielding detailed evaluation reports and a clear ranking of candidates.

Cube Interactive

Cube interactivewilatcubeinteractive [dot] co [dot] uk (Wil Stephens)

Cube is a leading developer of interactive, digital content and web services to major brands including BBC, ITV, Microsoft and Domino Records.

Cube’s custom built social gaming engine, focused on the kids and teenage market, with built-in interaction, multi-user and monetization services, powers a number of high profile and commercially successful sites.

Face Group

Face Groupfrancescoatfacegroup [dot] co [dot] uk (Francesco D’Orazio)Twitter

Face is a mix of researchers, planners, brand strategists and social media experts based in London. We use co-creativity to enable brands to interact directly with consumers in real-time, online and face-to-face, to deliver a range of insight, innovation and planning objectives.


FreshNetworksCharlie [dot] osmondatfreshnetworks [dot] com (Charlie Osmond)Twitter

FreshNetworks is a social media software provider. We help brands engage customers in conversation by building and managing white-labelled online communities.  We believe that communities are often the most effective and sustainable way for brands to leverage social media.


GigLocatorjamesatgiglocator [dot] com (James Proud)Twitter

GigLocator enables people to discover, enjoy and share live music with ease. With recommendations based on the music that you like, you will always be able to find that nearby gig that you would have missed or try out that new band live you’ve been hearing about, all with the cheapest ticket available too!

Howard Baines

howard bainescliveathowardbaines [dot] com (Clive Howard)Twitter

Howard Baines is a web consultancy based in West London whose strategy, design and development services maximise our clients’ online potential. Our work with cutting edge web 2.0 start-ups and a passion for new ideas mean we naturally understand the web as it is today and will be tomorrow. This experience equips us better than others to assist established companies to exploit the internet.

Illumina Digital

illumina digitalmfpatillumina [dot] co [dot] uk (Mike Flood Page)Twitter

Illumina is a full service multiplatform production company supplying design, editorial, TV video production, software development and project management. We have won over forty national and international awards including four BAFTAs, and Best Museum on the Web creating experiences that inspire, enable and enhance learning, broadcast, entertainment, culture and heritage.

KMP Digitata

KMP Digitatajkatkmp [dot] co [dot] uk (Jon Keefe)Twitter

Established in 1991, KMP Digitata creates amazing, user-centric digital experiences that have outstanding return on investment for our clients. We specialise in web development, audio visual production, email & mobile marketing, ecommerce, social media applications, PR 2.0, online brand analysis and dialogue monitoring, outreach, community management and SEO /SEM.


LikeCubemanuatlikecube [dot] com (Emmanuel Marchal)Twitter

Likecube, founded in 2006, develops innovative personalization and recommendations solutions for the travel and leisure industry. The company is backed by an award-winning team including a world leader in computer science and experts in semantics and scalability. Customers include the leading European local reviews site


Littlelouddavidatlittleloud [dot] com (David Jacklin)Twitter

Littleloud Studios are a BAFTA award winning creative agency producing Digital Entertainment for the film, broadcast and gaming industries.  Productions are delivered to work over multiple formats including TV, Web, Mobile, Game Consoles and emerging hand held devices. Our clients include BBC, Channel 4, Nickelodeon, Paramount, Sony Entertainment and Universal Pictures.

Little World Gifts

Little World Gifts paulatlittleworldgifts [dot] com (Paul Stringer)Twitter

Little World Gifts is redefining Digital Gifts on mobile platforms. The service delivers 3D interactive gifts that users can touch, play with and admire - and send to their friends on iPhone and Facebook. The company also enables global brands to engage with users via stunning 3D gift experiences.


Mendeleyjan [dot] reicheltatmendeley [dot] com (Jan Reichelt)Twitter

Mendeley is free academic software (for Windows, Mac, and Linux) to manage & share your research papers and a research network to manage your papers online, discover research trends and connect to like-minded researchers.


Mobilizedjonatmobilized [dot] com (Jonathan Palmer)

Mobilized has reinvented the traditional greeting card.

Mobilized cards revolutionise the experience of giving or receiving cards by seamlessly integrating mobile content into paper greeting cards. It gives consumers new ways to express themselves or give something special so they can create unique moments in their friends and families lives.


MoFilmRalph [dot] cochraneatmofilm [dot] com (Ralph Cochrane)

MOFILM is an online video competition platform with a global community of filmmakers, working with major global brands to showcase exciting new talent and generate new ideas. MOFILM also works closely with Film Festivals and mobile operators distributing content and training young would-be filmmakers in over 85 countries. For more information please visit


Moonfruitwendyatmoonfruit [dot] com (Wendy Tan White)Twitter

Moonfruit has been providing DIY tools for people to design and build ‘Beautiful websites, simply.’ since 1999. To date 2.1m+ websites have been built by small businesses, communities, families, designers, crafters, freelancers and individuals who just want to express themselves. Moonfruit is passionate about creativity and simplifying technology for everyone.

Moonfruit has been profitable since 2003 and grew 70% in 2009. It is part of Gandi Group which includes sister company, the ethical and innovative  domain name registrar and cloud VPS hosting provider.


musicmetricjamesatthinmartian [dot] com (James Clarke)Twitter

Musicmetric provides real-time, online analytics to the music industry.
We track millions of sources, including blogs, file sharing networks and social networks. Our desktop tools reveal where music fans are active and what they are saying. Discover what the world thinks of music.


nsyghtgeoffreyatnsyght [dot] com (Geoffrey McCaleb)Twitter

Nsyght is a social service similar to Friendfeed that allows you to aggregate, share, and search your social graph in real time. Nsyght supports threaded discussions, email alerts, inline video and photo display, and supports services such as: twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, Flickr, Vimeo, Delicous, and


oneDrumjasperatoneDrum [dot] com (Jasper Westaway)Twitter

oneDrum is a free, lightweight desktop application that can turn any application into a rich, collaborative environment. The first release enables simultaneous, multi-author document creation and editing in Microsoft Office, as well as secure, synchronised file sharing and version management. Workstreams enable effective communication, coordination and control of change.

Orange Bus

Orange Busjulianatorangebus [dot] co [dot] uk (Julian Leighton)Twitter

Orange Bus create beautiful websites that are clean, intuitive and easy to use (and they get results - otherwise what's the point?) Combining user experience design with visual design. We give you a CMS, let you sell things (if you want), create your social networking strategy (twitter, facebook and all that), teach you SEO and do any custom stuff that only you want (because we know how special you are).


PageDomattatpagedo [dot] com (Matthew Ogston)Twitter

PageDo is an online service for building and testing highly effective landing pages for marketing, advertising and social media campaigns. PageDo provides you with all of the tools to build pages that are optimized for gathering leads and responses from your target audience.


Pixecojamesatpixeco [dot] com (James Franklin)Twitter

Pixeco is a digital design studio dedicated to the film and broadcast industries. We specialise in working with film projects and finding innovative forms of film distribution. From identity creation to website design, widgets to typography, we'll find the right mix of ideas, design and technology to match your needs.

Plug-in Media 

Plug-in Mediadomatpluginmedia [dot] net (Dominic Minns)Twitter

Plug-in Media is an innovative digital media production company that uses cutting edge technology to deliver engaging, interactive entertainment experiences. We blend animation, gaming and narrative with great design and top class coding to produce work that is visually stunning, technically ground-breaking and with great storytelling and humour at its core.


Qhubchristopher [dot] leeatmindcom [dot] co [dot] uk (Christopher Lee)Twitter

Qhub is a quick & simple way for anyone to build a question and answer (Q&A) website. Simply choose a Qhub name and subdomain to build a new Q&A site instantly.

Qhub, launching early 2010, is a new development from the team at, a Q&A community with over 11 million unique visits per month.


RummbleAndrew [dot] scottatrummble [dot] com (Andrew J. Scott)Twitter

Rummble makes it as easy to find people and places nearby you’ll love. A real-time location based social search platform, Rummble tells you where you should go next. Walk out the door & in 30 seconds find out the places relevant to you, anywhere in the world.

Rummble is available on the web plus iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Vodafone 360, and mobile web and even works by Twitter. Just hashtag your tweet #rummble

Silence Media

Silence Medialeeatsilence-media [dot] com (Lee Henshaw)Twitter

Silence Media is a cost per engagement (CPE) advertising network for video banner advertising. Its clients only pay when people engage with their banner ads by rolling over them. Silence works with Europe's and America's leading entertainment websites and was responsible for them working with the CPE model for the first time. Its clients include Sony, Universal, EMI, Beggars Group and PIAS.


Skimlinksjoeatskimlinks [dot] com (Joe Stepniewski)Twitter

Skimlinks is revolutionising the way publishers monetise their sites, by offering innovative ways to earn from their content without compromising editorial integrity or interfering with the user experience.

Built on a platform that aggregates over 20 affiliate networks, Skimlinks makes affiliate/CPA monetization easy by providing text-link based services and toolkits.


Slicethepiedavidatslicethepie [dot] com (David Courtier-Dutton)

Slicethepie is a consumer driven music filter and search engine.  This filter powers a number of services including fan financing at (26 artists financed to date); unique market insight/analytics for record labels and independent artists at (;  and semantic filtering and search solutions for major music publishers.


Smidgnj [dot] l [dot] markwellatinuda [dot] com (Jonathan Markwell)Twitter

Smidgn radically simplifies the way you share interesting facts on the web. Start using our platform as a fun way to get the back-story on your Twitter friends and followers. Share what you know to get recognition in your areas of expertise and build your online reputation.


SubHubmilesatsubhub [dot] com (Miles Gailford)Twitter

SubHub makes it easy and affordable for anyone to build and manage a content website and make money from it via subscription, membership, advertising and e-commerce.


TweetJobsJames [dot] mayesattweetjobs [dot] net (James Mayes)Twitter

TweetJobs brings two decades of front-line UK recruitment experience together with some of the best Twitter developers available.  Our Tweets are effective, well formatted and targeted, but also part of a wider strategy to strengthen communication between recruiters and candidates. Our metrics allow clients to develop as Twitter users evolve.


UberVudragosatubervu [dot] com (Dragos Ilinca)Twitter

UberVu helps small and medium companies and freelancers find out and understand what's being said about them on the web in real time. In just 5 minutes a day they can see who and what is important for their business and act.


vibiosimonatvibio [dot] com (Simon Montford)Twitter (View Inventory By Invitation Only) is a web based ‘Social Trading Application’ that has been optimized for, and It enables users to notify their friends and trusted contacts before they are about to buy or sell their personal possessions, giving people they know and trust first refusal.


VideoJuicersteveatvideojuicer [dot] com (Steve Jelley)Twitter

Videojuicer is a powerful and flexible online video platform, offering a range of products and services such as customizable video players, video analytics, video monetization, and live-event video streaming.  With customers like Burberry,, and, Videojuicer attracts highly engaged communities around high quality video content.


Wolfstarstuartbatwolfstarconsultancy [dot] com (Stuart Bruce)Twitter

Wolfstar is an awarding winning international public relations, social media and word of mouth marketing and communications specialist. Services include communications strategy, social media audits, online influencer relations and blogger outreach, digital PR and online media relations. Clients include Sony Ericsson, Discovery Channel, First Direct (HSBC), Philips and the NHS.


WorldTValxatsmashing [dot] com (Alx Klive)Twitter

WorldTV let's anyone create their own TV Station, on the Internet, for free. A 'universal player' and flexible video publishing platform allows users to curate the millions of clips that exist on YouTube, their own web servers and other video sites. Since launch, 200,000 channels have been created by users in 200 countries. These channels will ultimately be available on traditional TV via Wi-Fi enabled TV's and set-top boxes

Digital Mission to SXSWi 2010 Brochure

Download the PDF here. Designed by the lovely people at Better Things.

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