eZines & Online Magazines

Event Info

Mon 22 Oct, 2007 at 12:00am
Nash & Brandon Rooms @ The ICA
London, UK


The Club, in association with Revelation Arts & Media, invites a panel of representatives from some of the UK's most celebrated cultural publications to discuss the phenomenon of ezines and online magazines.

The opportunities of publishing online are vast. From live interviews, podcasts, moving image, and 3D tours, online media offers readers things that simply can't be produced in hard-copy publishing. But is the scroll-and-click of the online really a credible alternative to the page-turning experience of reading a magazine? A threat or an opportunity, how can traditional print format publications adapt to expand their waning readerships, and at what cost? Tonight's panel debate will examine the impact online magazines such as Stimulus Respond and Kultureflash have had on arts and lifestyle magazines. We will also look at the different ways cultural magazines, such as Wallpaper*, Dazed and Art Review, are developing their online presence to improve their circulation under the perceived threat of online publishing.