South by SouthWest

Event Info

Thu 13 Mar, 2008 at 9:00am
Austin Convention Centre
500 E Cesar Chavez Street
Austin, Texas, UK


What is the SXSW Interactive Festival?
The SXSW Interactive Festival offers five days of panels, keynote discussions, Trade Show, and exciting evening events. Attendees benefit from hands-on, how-to training as well as long-term, big-picture analysis in an atmosphere that charges creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. More to the point, coming to SXSW Interactive is a great way to recharge your creativity.

Where does the SXSW Interactive Festival occur?
Daytime panel programming (as well as the Trade Show & Exhibition) takes place at the Austin Convention Center (500 E. Cesar Chavez) in downtown Austin. Evening events occur at various nightspots around the city.

Who attends this event?
SXSW Interactive appeals to uber-geeks and digital creatives who push the cutting edge of technological change. The event appeals to content developers, web designers, programmers, bloggers, wireless innovators, gamers, tech entrepreneurs, investors, and educators. Even if you are not a technical person, you will benefit from the outside-the-box thinking that thrives at SXSW.

What kind of topics are covered at the event?
Panel topics cover everything from web design, usability, and blogging to wireless innovation and new technology business models. Other panels focus on more general topics that are nonetheless relevant to the digital creatives who attend SXSW Interactive. Discovering new ideas that lead us to a better future is the underlying theme on all of this programming.