Measuring Multimedia Content in a Web 2.0 World

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Tue 1 Apr, 2008 at 12:00pm
Soho Hotel
4 Richmond Mews
London, W1D 3DH, UK
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Measuring Multimedia Content in a Web 2.0 World with guest speaker Eric Peterson, founder of Webanalytics Demystified, Inc. (

The Nedstat Expert forum will consist of 3 guest speakers; the first and keynote speaker will be Eric T. Peterson. Mr Peterson is renowned for his work in the field of web analytics. His latest white paper “Measuring multi-media content in a web 2.0 world”, released at the end of February will be the focus his talk, informing delegates of the latest developments within analytics and the key performance indicators (KPI) marketers should be considering.

Following Eric Peterson will be two case study speakers from leading UK entertainment organisations who have been invited by Nedstat to present their experiences of streaming media and share best practice. Both will be illustrating how they have incorporated streaming media into their mainstream marketing and communications.

Finally, Nedstat will present Stream Sense™, Powerful, real-time analytics on visitor behaviour during video or audio streams whether on demand, progressive download or live and regardless of where the streams are hosted.

More and more Marketing, PR and Advertising professionals are turning to streaming media and Web 2.0 to enhance their online communications, and in turn to web analytics to aid their campaigns and decision making. Nedstat tracks and reports on current and past customer behaviour, online media consumption and campaign effectiveness, which when used to make decisions can result in improved marketing campaigns. In turn, this can translate to higher profits, enhanced visitor loyalty and greater success in achieving your KPIs.

The success stories of clients like Global Radio, GCap Media, Five and Haymarket are testimony to the huge potential that web analytics can unlock within businesses and corporations.

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