OPA '08: Forum for Web Publishers - Online Publishers Association

Event Info

Wed 14 - Fri 16 May, 2008 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
The Landmark Hotel
222 Marleybone Road
London, NW1 6JQ, UK



OPA Forum for the Future brings together thought leaders from around the world to discuss topics of global import to the media business.

* The Business Model and Monetization of Media: How to transform the economics of your business and leverage innovation to create new value
* The Internationalization of Global Media Brands: How are major media brands extending their reach beyond local borders and how are they monetizing these new audiences
* Marketing to the Social Web: How digital customer communities build your business
* Managing a Global Brand: How are major marketers leveraging online to build global brands and what is the role of the publishers
* The Mobile Platform: What should media companies, suppliers and marketers do to successfully scale their mobile businesses
* Getting Beyond Pre-roll: What are publishers and marketers doing to build innovative video formats
* The Future of Media: Inspiration, irritation and illumination