Predictive Analytics Workshop

Event Info

Thu 22 May, 2008 from 9:00am - 4:00pm
Hotel Russell
1-8 Russell Square, Bloomsbury
London, WC1B 5BE, UK


An Introduction to Predictive Analytics is a one day workshop covering the foundations of this innovation marketing analytics discipline. During the course of the day you will gain a thorough familiarisation with some of the key principles and methodologies of data mining and predictive analytics and learn how to apply them to common marketing problems such as:

    * How can I predict campaign response?
    * How do I segment my website visitors or customers?
    * How can I anticipate possible customer defections?

In this one day interactive course we will cover the following topics:

    * What is data mining and how is that different to predictive analytics?
    * How organisations are currently using data mining and predictive analytics across their businesses and to solve particular marketing problems

Processes and implementation:

    * How to go about a data   mining/predictive analytics project
    * An overview of a standard industry process (CRISP-DM)

Methods and applications:

    * An overview of the main types of data mining and predictive analytics applications:
          o Forecasting
          o Segmentation
          o Classification
    * An introduction to main methodologies such as:
          o Time-series forecasting
          o Regression analysis
          o Decision trees (CHAID, CART and so on)
          o Cluster analysis
          o Neural networks
    * Case studies and examples of how these techniques are used and deployed in both online and offline marketing is areas such as:
          o Retention modelling
          o Conversion propensity modelling
          o Visitor segmentation