EDM 08 - Search in the Mobile Era

Event Info

Mon 9 Jun, 2008 at 8:00am
195 Piccadilly
London, UK


Whitaker Associates (www.whitaker.com) has announced that the keynote address for this year's European Directory Marketplace 2008 (EDM08) conference, Search in the Mobile Era, will be delivered by industry veteran and leader Mike Short, Vice President, Research and Development, O2. Mike's focus today is on Third Generation cellular, Mobile TV and steering Telefonica O2 Europe's Group Research and Development in mobile. Consistent with the development of new services, Whitaker Associates also announced the Innovation Showcase at EDM08 and invited firms with innovative products and services to submit entries to participate in EDM08 Innovation Showcase on June 9, 2008 in London.

Recognizing the dramatic changes that are underway in this industry and the importance of innovation to success in the directory and search space, this year's Innovation Showcase represents an evolution of the EDM awards program, first introduced in 2006. Last year's winners were WDN Europe and Apptera.

This year, successful entries will have an opportunity to present on June 9 in London at the EDM08 Innovation Showcase session and to discuss their innovations with investors 3i, Delta Partners, DFJ Esprit, DN Capital, and other EDM08 delegates.

Organizations are invited to submit entries, describing the innovation that has made or that will make their product or service successful in this market. Entries are invited in the five key areas of the directory and search ecosystem that have been identified (information service providers, advertising, operators, technology, and content) or in other areas.

To enter, send the following information to info at whitaker.com by Monday, May 26:

* your name

* your company

* name of the product or service

* your email

* your phone number

* a description in 250 words or less about your product or service and why it should be selected for presentation at the Innovation Showcase

* a web link to the product, service, or company for further information

Entries, including the product or service name, the description of the product or service, and the web link for further information, will be posted on the EDM08 site at www.whitaker.com/conferences/edm08/showcase.htm.

Selection for presentation will be made by the Advisory Board and Whitaker Associates.

Registration savings are still available but will expire soon. More information and registration is available at www.EuropeanDirectoryMarketplace.com.

Whitaker Associates has extensive experience in the directory and search services industry, offering conferences, The Operator Online (www.theoperatoronline.com) news service, and consulting. EDM is an annual event that was first held in 2001. For more information, visit www.whitaker.com.