Widget Web Expo

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Mon 16 - Tue 17 Jun, 2008 from 8:30am - 5:45pm
New York Marriot
Adams Street, Brooklyn
New York, US


    * Learn from major agencies, widget tool vendors, developers and media groups who are using widgets on the web and on mobile, desktop and other platforms.
    * Map out your widget strategy from a commercial and technical perspective
    * Whether you are a widget maker or a widget user, this is the place to learn, to share and to become inspired.

We are bringing together a broad range of experts to discuss widgets from a commercial and a technical perspective.
WidgetWebExpo will look at one of the key emerging online trends: how to utilize the power of widgets to carry your brand to the world. Widgets offer huge potential as carriers of marketing, brand and advertising messages into social networks. Successful widgets are viral in nature can distribute your content or marketing message across the internet. This conference will inform and inspire you, giving you a thorough understanding of the opportunities and how to leverage them:

    * what role do widgets play in a cross platform strategy?
    * what tools are available for the development and distribution of widgets?
    * what destinations do widgets go to and how do I get them there?
    * how do I track and analyse widgets once they have left home?

Our speakers, from top level agency, widget tool and social network companies are at the leading edge of working with this dynamic space.

What we need is a widget!Reception at Widgety Goodness

The WidgetWebExpo conference is aimed at professionals in the marketing, brand, media and advertising industries. It will pose and attempt to answer some of the key questions around widgets and offer you the opportunity to meet and network with many of your peers engaging with this space.

Marketing, Advertising & Communications professionals

Directors & Heads of E-Commerce/Interactive Marketing

Marketing & New Media managers

(working in the online space)

Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs
(with widget tools or widget based strategies)

Chaired by Ivan Pope, founder of Snipperoo, widget blogger and internet visionary, the agenda covers:
Widgets for beginners: Widget tools: Widget marketing: Widget destinations: Big Media: APIs: Mashups: Programmable web: Large companys using widgets: Where’s the money in widgets: Enterprise widgets: Non-profit widgets: widgetized Intranet: Widgetising established content: Blog platforms: Social networks relating to widgets: All Google’s widgets: The power of Affiliate widgets: is SEO the hidden value in widgets: widget Metrics: Case studies: choosing widget technologies: Tools and platforms compared: Making widgets go viral: managing Widget content: Widget publishing: Licencing widget content: Open standards for widgets: Opensocial: Dataportability and many more WidgetWeb wonders.

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