All websites are equal some are more equal than others

Event Info

Wed 23 Jul, 2008 from 8:15am - 10:30am
One Aldwych
London, WC2B 4RH, UK


This Precedent seminar examines conventions and new user interactions with the websites of today and tomorrow.

There are a variety of methods organisations can explore to try and keep up with users.Through adding functionality or developing creative solutions to information and presentation issues. But innovative functionality and creative solutions only work when the user is ready to use these innovations. Which leads us to the question of who's doing what? And more importantly, who's doing what well?

Neil Davis will be looking at recent advances in online media and how to make the most of new innovations such as syndication, blogging, search, tagging and mobile technologies. Our second speaker, Adrian Porter, (who is reputed to have looked at over 10,000 websites in his time as an Internet researcher) will be exploring "how to make the best out of best practice" with some practical tips and examples on ways to enhance your website's ability to communicate its message, and that of your wider marketing strategy.

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