Flash on the Beach: 08

Event Info

Sun 28 Sep - Wed 1 Oct, 2008 from 8:00am - 5:30pm
The Brighton Dome Complex
New Road
Brighton, BN1 1UG, UK


The Flash community is supercool and very supportive of each other. They do not limit themselves solely to the product called Flash either. They design, create and deliver some of the best experiences on the web using a wide variety of tools and skills.

Don't think that Flash on the Beach is only about Flash, appearing at FOTB in the past we have had the usual suspects - Flash, Flex, AIR, and then some. Photoshop, After Effects, Processing and many more. If you are a tech-head or need a fix of creative inspiration, Flash on the Beach is where you'll get it,

Never heard of Flash on the Beach?

If you have only just heard about Flash on the Beach, then you must have been on a desert island! Flash on the Beach conference is the premier Flash conference in Europe! It has grown quickly and gained fantastic status as one of the 'must go to' conferences around. This year we have a hard act to follow, but it will be even better!

Nearly 50 of the world's most talented designers, developers, creatives, film makers and artists presenting on 3 tracks over 3 full days, plus we have 2 full day pre-conference workshops to get indepth training.

Flash on the Beach has brought together the most creative, technical, inspirational awe-inspiring, educational and entertaining industry leading speakers in the rich media industry.

Who is Flash on the Beach for?

If you are a designer, developer, coder, student, manager, game developer, artist, animator or a newbie, then this conference is for you! Don't miss this opportunity to see over 40 of the best minds in the industry delivering 3 full days of awe-inspiring sessions.

This year we have another stellar line up of speakers. We love our venue! The Dome has so much history, charm and character, we would be mad to use anywhere else, and are already looking forward again to the most exciting Flash conference for years!

For more information about Flash on the Beach visit here.



Flash on the Beach