Chinwag Live: Search and LBS

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Tue 7 Oct, 2008 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm
The Slug & Lettuce (Downstairs)
80-82 Wardour Street
London, W1F 0TG, UK (Map)
Cost: £25+VAT early bird, £40+VAT standard


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Is an alliance of mobile search and location-based services poised to take the consumer experience and wireless marketing world by storm?

Join us on 7th October to explore the issues and opportunities created by search on-the-go and LBS. What does it all mean for marketers, brands and technology providers? Come along and discuss it with our panel of experts... 

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More on Search and Location Based Services

You might think mobile search is just accessing the same digital information in a different way - that all that's required is a change in format to optimise information for mobile devices.

The reality is that, with mobile's unique ability to be an ultra-portable tool for accessing information - coupled with its database of contacts and ability to know where you are - search on mobile devices really comes into its own with the widening availability of location-based information and services.

From searching for your friends' locations while you're out and about, to finding the recommendations you need based on where you are, location-based services and search are becoming a valuable tool to capitalise on the mobile's ubiquity in the UK and Europe.

But are the market and the consumer ready? Are business models primed to go, and the value chain in place? Are brands missing an opportunity with search and location-based services, or wisely biding their time?


Felix Petersen - Co-founder, Plazes / Head of Product Management, Social Activities, Nokia
Felix is co-founder of, one of the pioneering start-ups in the context and location based services area. Founded in 2006 it was sold to Nokia in June 2008. Petersen is now Head of Product Management in the newly formed "Social Activities" team at Nokia. Born and raised in Berlin, Petersen has been busy with remote data transmissions since the late eighties and has been building things on the Internet since 1996. He currently lives with his lovely wife and daughter in Berlin and enjoys things like food, cooking, media hacking and robotics. If for some reason you feel like finding out more, go here. 

Chris Moisan - Product & Market Development Manager, Taptu / blog
Chris Moisan is VP of Product & Market Development for Taptu – the award winning mobile search engine, based in Cambridge. Taptu is a new kind of search engine specifically built for the needs of the mobile consumer with innovations such as social scoring and sharing at the heart of the service. Previously, Chris has worked for some innovative companies including Napster, Mind Candy (Perplex City), The Guardian, a founding member of the digital agency OgilvyInteractive. He also set-up up his own community networking service back in 1999. He loves start-ups but not a big fan of DRM, going to the gym or interruptive advertising. For demos of their mobile search engine, see these videos on Youtube.

Andrew Scott - Co-founder, Rummble
A serial entrepreneur and self-diagnosed evangelist for social software, Andrew is currently CEO of Rummble, a mobile technology company that makes it easy for you to find personalised, trusted content relevant to your location, at home or on the move. Rummble is all about people and places you love. Andrew ran a successful web development company through the dotcom years serving blue chip clients, which sold to CMG plc in 2001 where he developed the world’s first online digital video news archive (BritishPathe). He later founded a ground breaking interactive personal fitness website (InTraining) with Olympian Dave Morgan, built the UK’s first interactive SMS flirting service (DinnerDateAuctions) and pioneered Europe’s first location based social software (playtxt).

Peggy-Anne Salz - Chief Analyst & Producer, MSearchGroove is the mobile industry’s premier thinking space at the intersection of content and context. - With our coverage and commentary, as well as the contributions of our roster of esteemed authors, we are the only online destination tracking the industry developments and players that impact mobile search, personalization, recommendation, targeted mobile advertising, and social networking.

Adrian Drury - Head of Commercial Strategy and Business Development, The Cloud
Adrian has spent his career in the emerging wireless broadband space. Trained as an economist, he published his first paper on the potential of Wi-Fi to be a catalyst for change and convergence in a mobile and IP-centric world in 2001. He worked in corporate finance until he joined The Cloud in 2004 where he now heads their network and media strategy. Europe's independent leading Wi-Fi provider with 10,000 locations across the UK, Germany and the Nordic region, The Cloud is the European network partner for a range of handset and consumer electronics manufacturers, service providers, broadcasters and content owners, including the BBC, Telenor, Nintendo, Nokia for Nokia Music, and O2 for Wi-Fi services for the Apple iPhone.

CHAIR: Jo Rabin – Consultant & Co-Founder of MoMo London
An independent consultant with experience of building innovative, large-scale and robust systems Jo is also one of the founders of Mobile Monday London, which since November 2005 has grown to a major community and forum for mobile professionals. As Director of Industry Initiatives at dotMobi, the top level domain registry, he represents the organisation at the W3C where he participates in the Mobile Web Initiative as co-chair of the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group. He is editor of the Mobile Web Best Practice Recommendation and co-editor of the mobileOK Basic 1.0 Test Specification among other W3C documents. Prior to dotMobi, Jo was acting CTO at Flirtomatic and was previously CTO of Reuters Mobile.

GUEST CONTRIBUTOR: Helen Keegan - MD, Beep Marketing / blog

Event produced by Deirdre Molloy and Elizabeth Varley.



We do our best to put microphones under the noses of our panelists, for your aural pleasure. The podcasts are available in iTunes flavour, old school RSS listen using the player below or download.

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