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Mon 20 - Tue 21 Oct, 2008 from 11:00am - 4:00pm
Council of Europe Room G03
AGORA Building
Strasburg, UK


This Dialogue on Internet Governance intends to highlight in particular the specific European approach to the interplay between security, privacy, and openness: they will not be discussed as concepts that only conflict with each other and therefore need to be “balanced” but rather as principles that can be fostered simultaneously and even mutually reinforce each other.

The main focus will be put on identifying – based on European experience – situations and solutions that reflect and respond to these issues and challenges.

Taking into account the rapid evolution of the Internet’s uses and applications, the identification of emerging issues will also be a cross-cutting component of this European dialogue and exchange.

Rolling Programme:

Particular features and objectives of EuroDIG:

1. Platform to discuss and shape European multi-stakeholder perspectives on Internet governance (universal access, security, privacy and openness on the Internet, critical Internet resources).

2. Priority given to moderated audience-led discussion (no formal presentations/powerpoints) between all stakeholders (representatives of business, civil society, governments, international organisations, etc.).

3. Visibility to and linking of different European initiatives related to Internet governance, including planned European-led workshops held at the global Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2008 in Hyderabad, India.

4. Reach out to/for European actors who will not be able to participate in the 2008 IGF in India.

5. Discuss future plans and initiatives for European dialogue on Internet governance.

6. Report back to the 2008 IGF in India about European perspectives and initiatives.

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Euro DIG