Music Tank: Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

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Tue 21 Oct, 2008 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
The Basement, MCPS-PRS Alliance
29-33 Berners Street
London, W1T 3AB, UK


The UK government has taken notice of illegal downloading and is overseeing a three-pronged initiative aimed at educating and developing awareness, dealing with the most serious infringers and facilitating legitimate offerings.

This series will focus on that third prong: effective legitimate alternatives. Over the course of the four events we will review what people want, where technology is heading, what the most plausible new models are and how they might be licensed.

Kicking off the series, we take a long hard look at what music consumers actually want and how this tallies with the status quo and raft of new services in various stages of development or launch.


Keynote 1: Feargal Sharkey - CEO, UK Music
Keynote 2: Keith Jopling - Industry Consultant / Juggernaut Brew

Ben Drury - 7Digital
Russell Hart - Entertainment Media Research
Paul Hitchman - PlayLouder
Andrew Orlowski - The Register
Philippe Steinmetz - Musique Max, Orange/France Telecom
Chair: Sam Shemtob - Associate Director, MusicTank / Managing Director, Name Music

Will we see monolithic music portals dispensing entertainment with all the charm of a Wal-Mart, or will they incorporate some of the sharing and word-of-mouth qualities that the internet does so well? Will each ISP run its own service or will there be several operations each serving their own niche communities? Which models are likely to be most compelling and hence fly with music fans? And finally, what of the companies who have spent several years and fortunes building up legal download services - how can they adapt to a world where music is bundled to the consumer in a feels-like-free way?

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BOOKING: Each session may be booked individually at the usual rates (£20 MusicTank Members | £25 Trade Body | £30 Full Price).
A series discount for all four sessions is also available, with the following discounts applying...
£70 MusicTank Members - save £10; £85 Trade Body - save £15; £100 Full Price - save £20




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