Music Tank: Coalition Of The Billing

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Tue 18 Nov, 2008 from 6:30pm - 9:00pm
The Basement, MCPS-PRS Alliance
29-33 Berners Street
London, W1T 3AB, UK


The UK government has taken notice of illegal downloading and is overseeing a three-pronged initiative aimed at educating and developing awareness, dealing with the most serious infringers and facilitating legitimate offerings.

This series will focus on that third prong: effective legitimate alternatives. Over the course of the four events we will review what people want, where technology is heading, what the most plausible new models are and how they might be licensed.


What’s the best way to license these new services? Labels are now ready to license as widely and flexibly as possible yet understandably wish to control the value they place over their rights, especially when ISP music services may one day provide their major income stream for recorded music. Might collective licensing through a mandated body enable the widest range of music to be legally available, from finished studio recordings to live bootlegs, radio sessions and mash-ups? Or is that incompatible with the business needs of rightsholders, leaving such content doomed to continue to exist unlicensed?

How will future licensing vary between streams, on-demand streams and downloads when technology is increasingly causing the three to converge? How can we streamline and simplify the process for licensees, is it desirable or possible to create one-stop joint ‘master and composition’ licenses to make everything easier? Will labels increasingly extend vertically into the businesses they are licensing, such as MySpace, and how will monies track back to artists?

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BOOKING: Each session may be booked individually at the usual rates (£20 MusicTank Members | £25 Trade Body | £30 Full Price).
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