The Amazing iPhone Event

Event Info

Fri 23 Jan, 2009 at 12:00am
Old Broadcasting House
Leeds, UK
Cost: £220


A one day course exploring the iPhone platform and opportunity, for business owners.

This course is aimed at technologists and business owners who are new to the iPhone platform. It offers an overview of the platform, the device and the business opportunities.

The iPhone: its sleek design, always-on connectivity, enterprise support, application platform, quirky third party
apps and the fact that it’s made by Apple keep the iPhone in the headlines. Those who have one say they’d never go back, and the iPhone wins hands down in comparisons with other ‘smart’ phones. The iPhone is rapidly expanding in global markets; already in 58 countries, it’s set to be in 70 countries soon.  The device itself seems to transcend mobile phones; creating a new product genre; it sure is a smart phone, but it’s a smart phone that appeals way beyond the traditional smart phone market. 

The iPhone opportunity is appealing across the board, and not just to independent developers; games companies are developing special versions of their games for iPhone, web services are going mobile on iPhone, brands want to be in your pocket (on iPhone); the possibilities seem endless. Corporations are building in-house development teams to create corporate applications, brands are commissioning independent developers, and web design agencies are branching out, adding iPhone development services to their offering. For small businesses too, iPhone offers a way to reach a new, content-hungry audience; for many, creating an iPhone App is the new way of looking at ‘online and mobile marketing’.

“The Amazing iPhone” is a Kisky Netmedia project commissioned by ICDC (The International Centre for Digital Content). The project comprised a report and dissemination event held in Liverpool in December 2008. Due to the success of this event and its reception in the technology business community, Kisky Netmedia is taking the event on tour, delivering this unique course regionally, nationally and internationally.

The Amazing iPhone comes to nti Leeds to offer a one day focused training course delivering a grounding in the iPhone platform.  This course covers:

iPhone Hype
Before iPhone: Mobile 1.0 and towards Open Mobile
The Stats - who’s using iPhone and where?
iPhone for enterprise
iPhone Web Apps and Native Apps
The App Store
Brands on iPhone
Who’s developing great apps?
Who’s making iPhone money?
A summary of the iPhone opportunity

This course is for business owners considering working with the iPhone platform, either by creating apps, or offering iPhone development services. Attendees need no programming or technical experience.

Your course tutor will be Social Mobile specialist and author of “The Amazing iPhone” report, Katie Lips, Director of Kisky Netmedia.