Event Info

Wed 21 Jan, 2009 at 12:00am
1 Plough Place
London, EC4A 1DE, UK
Cost: Free (Registration required)


Is the democratic and social nature of the internet changing the way we understand finance?

While in the past web-enabled innovation in the sector meant online banking and web-access to front-end customer services, there is today a growing set of organisations which remove banks and other institutions as intermediaries altogether.   This is the world of peer-to-peer finance and this event will explore the trends, opportunities and risks that these new web-enabled approaches provide. 

webank will be an opportunity to meet the companies pioneering in this area, explore their business models and debate the opportunities issues.  The innovative companies presenting will include Zopa, Kubera Money and Midpoint with debate speakers including James Gardner (Bankervision) and Umair Haque (Havas Media Lab). 

webank is a co-produced by NESTA Connect and OpenBusiness