Corporate Social Networking

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Mon 8 Jun, 2009 at 9:00am
66 Portland Place
London, W1B 1AD, UK (Map)
Cost: from £250 to £445


Networking with colleagues, supporting alumni and employee community initiatives and creating an environments for staff to socialise has always been a high priority for corporations. Modern companies are spread far and wide and achieving close communities with staff is difficult to achieve. That is why corporate social networking is high on the agenda for many types of companies,institutions and organisations.

Social networking provides the ideal platform for employees to communicate, information share and discuss real issues affecting the business. Senior management can also use these platforms create  healthy staff communities, provide interactive company news and bring together the resources from former colleagues. The one day conference will look at how companies are deploying these networks in modern day business with case studies on best practices, step-by-step methodology, while building a solid business case for corporate networks.

Attendees will also hear from experts on why companies need employee communities, learn about current employee behaviour while understanding the needs of the modern employee and evaluate how a positive working community can increase productivity and employee satisfaction and how a sound corporate network can support this.

Compelling reasons to attend:

  • Learn from global brands who have successfully implemented a social networking framework and what impact this has had on day-to-day business
  • Understand what products and tools are available to incorporate web 2.0 functionality to your  business
  • Listen to analyst, top commentators and experts on how social media can improve employee  satisfation and output
  • Learn how Enterprise 2.0 can improve efficiency within your business network
  • Take a tour of the latest corporate social networking software tools and resources


  • Network with all speakers, sponsors, press and attendees and the Evening Networking Reception
  • Take advantage of our pre-show online meeting planner for all attendees




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