Event Info

Wed 15 Jul, 2009 at 5:00pm
Velo Agency
82 Dean Street
London, W1, UK (Map)
Cost: Free


Castaway is the ‘open office’ event for networking with all the movers and shakers in London’s marketing, digital, agency world. You get to see inside the doors of some cunning agencies and meet folk who are grinding their way through the credit crunch, just like you. At Castaway, you don’t need to put a brave face on it. You can tell it how it is and drown your sorrows.

Here’s another reason to commit to Castaway: I can count two dozen folks who are now beavering away on interesting projects that didn’t exist before they were becalmed on the Castaway desert island. Read: invoices in 2009!

Same rules apply. Bring your own booze and a snack. Bring an influential, amusing or beautiful friend. If you fall over, we can help you up again.


We all work on little islands. Our offices float on a sea of urban flotsam and lots of other offices. We rarely have any idea who our neighbours are. 

I’m picking up where the credit crunch has beached us. If we’re all lost, how can we band together to build some rafts and team spirit?

I give you Castaway. A beer-up with agency founders and general good eggs across digital, design, TV, advertising. No fancy speakers. Not even a fancy wine bar venue. Just a flashmob at someone’s office kindly laying on the first beer and peanuts. You bring the rest. Influential and/or interesting friends, a bag of booze and some optimism. Already I can report several agency-to-agency collaborations and money changing hands. We’ve had arguments. We’ve had tiffs. No snogs. But, lots of great cheer and nasty hangovers.


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