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Tue 7 Jul, 2009 at 5:30pm
South Bank University
103 Borough Rd
London, SE1 0AA, UK (Map)
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The world of the media is changing as fast as everything else. A politician makes a speech ignored by the conventional media and it gets over 2 million hits on utube. The world of Blogs forces a resignation of a chief government advisor before the daily newspapers know what is going on! The new social media is challenging the conventional news elites as never before. Politicians and their established lobbies are running scared. The new social media has blown a hole through the existing elites. What does this mean for the future? This will be the topic for our July meetup which is being held in conjunction with the London Bridge Festival. Speakers include,

Daniel Hannan is an MEP and became famous overnight. A speech attacking Gordon Brown ignored by the conventional media had 2.2 million hits on utube. He believes “The internet has changed politics - changed it utterly and forever.”

Carol Haslam was the first Commissioning Editor for Education in Channel 4 and later Director of Programmes for Superchannel. She is a Trustee of both the Wildscreen Festival and the One World Broadcasting Trust.

Professor Barrie Axford is the author of the book “New Media and Politics” which makes a successful attempt to map the potentially transformative effects of new media on various aspects of political institutions and culture.

Sunny Hundal is editor of Liberal Conspiracy and Pickled politics - a current affairs magazine / group blog with the primary focus on British politics, current affairs, media and society. He has written articles for leading British



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