Chinwag Live: Search is Dead, Long Live Search

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Tue 29 Sep, 2009 from 5:00pm - 7:30pm
The Slug & Lettuce (Downstairs)
80-82 Wardour Street
London, W1F 0TG, UK (Map)
Cost: Prices £25+VAT (limited numbers) up to £50+VAT


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GUAVA, sponsor of Chinwag Live event

With Google challenged by new real-time and vertical search tools and the emergence of ‘social media search’, how can brands optimise for SEO?  A new era for search?

Whilst Google remains dominant in the world of search, its effectiveness is being challenged from a range of new services including Microsoft's Bing (0.9% growth in 2 months since launch) and Yahoo partnership, with many other semantic search tools entering the fray. These new avenues throw a spotlight on the world of SEO. Can we really optimize effectively for these multiple search platforms?

Along with the growth of real-time search and social media coverage from traditional search engines, we see the rising popularity of ‘social media search’ tools such as Twitter, Social Mention, Digg, and StumbleUpon. What does this mean for brands? Must search marketing change its tools and techniques?

And for users, what happens when the quality of search is affected by effective SEO that places less relevant results higher in the rankings?  Will search behaviour change away from standard search platforms? Or can semantic search technology restore user confidence?

Join us as we explore how marketers and SEO specialists can optimise for these new-fangled search technologies. And is this truly a new era for search?


Thanks to our sponsors, Guava, whose support is vital in bringing Chinwag Live: Search is Dead, Long Live Search.

Guava - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)Guava is a fresh thinking digital marketing agency with considerable expertise in Search Marketing (SEO & Paid Search), Web Development & Social Media. For the last ten years, we’ve constantly evolved, always responding in the brightest, most forward-thinking way. Guava works with clients such as Nestle, Black & Decker, Telstra &


Alan PatrickAlan Patrick - Consultant, Broadsight Twitter
Alan Patrick is a co-founder of Broadsight, a specialist digital multi-media consultancy and system design house. He has worked with telecoms and media companies such as the BBC, British Telecom, Dolby, Alcatel Lucent, AOL Time Warner, Vodafone, Virgin media and UPC. He has worked in the US, Europe, South Africa and the Far East. Recent multi-media projects have been in the areas of Online Advertising, Cloud Ecosystems, Online Video and Web TV/IPTV, Real Time Search and Transaction Messaging and Next Generation Mobile Internet services.

Ciaran Norris by, on flickr

Ciarán Norris - Head of Social Marketing and Director of Invention, MindShareTwitter

Ciarán has been working online since getting a job in a Sydney internet cafe in 1999.  Upon returning to the real world he initially worked in digital publishing, including at RBI where he was a founder member of the company's first ever search marketing team. He moved agency side in April 2007, going to Altogether and eventually leading their search, affiliate & social media capabilities.  He recently moved to Mindshare, heading up their new social media offering, Mindshare SocialMedia8, and working with clients such as Nike, Diesel, Unilever & BP. As well as speaking at many digital industry events and for the IDM, he writes a monthly column on social media for Search Engine Land, the #1 ranked blog in Ad Age's Power 150.

Nick Garner by, on flickrNick Garner – Search Manager, BetfairTwiiter

Nick heads up SEO for UK & Ireland along with Social Media Acquisition at Betfair. At the largest betting exchange in the world, Nick has been building Betfair’s prominence on the search indexes for over 3 years. He reckons the day of the techy spammer is now finally coming to a close and a new generation of social engineers will arise as search engines come of age. Nick’s knowledge and expertise has also come from the developing and promoting of many websites over the last ten years, and he is an avid fan of wordpress. In addition to his work at Betfair, Nick writes and blogs  about SEO and Social Media issues.

Teddie Cowell, GuavaTeddie Cowell - SEO Director, GuavaTwitter

Teddie provides Guava’s intellectual edge, with his deep knowledge of paid and organic search, creative thinking and enthusiasm for everything he does. Teddie first got involved with the internet in 1996 while working for MSN during the launch of Internet Explorer 3. He then moved on to work for BNP-Paribas investment bank specialising in internet-based technology, the research of growth internet businesses and business models. He set up the original search business in 1999 (Neutralize (*\*) ) which was later acquired and developed into Guava now one of Europe’s largest search marketing agencies, his long-standing expertise in this area has helped Guava win major clients like, Nestlé, CBS Interactive, Black and Decker.

William Tunstall-PedoeWilliam Tunstall-Pedoe – CEO & Founder, True Knowledge

William Tunstall-Pedoe has over twenty-five years experience of developing and commercially exploiting software products that push the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence. True Knowledge, based on research he began in 1998, pioneers a new approach to natural language search, using an 'answer engine' that has the potential to change the way factual information is made accessible via the Internet. In addition to inventing the technology on which True Knowledge is based, William is also credited with being the first and only person to develop software that can solve and explain cryptic crossword clues. William has a First class degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University.

John MyersChair - Jon Myers, Head of Search / Associate Director, MediaVest
Jon has worked in search marketing and online media for 10 years. He was one of 10 experts selected by Overture (Yahoo) to help create their SEM accreditation scheme. More recently, he is a regular member of search product improvement panels with all of the major search engines within paid search. Jon has actively been involved over the years with industry bodies such as SEMPO, IPA and the IAB as a Search Task Force committee member. His has also been a regular presenter at industry events for over 5 years now.

Chinwag Live: Search is Dead, Long Live Search produced by Julia Eilon.



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