The Recruiting Unconference London

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Thu 19 Nov, 2009 at 9:30am
London Docklands
London, UK (Map)
Cost: £150 (early-bird), £125 (group, 3+), £200 (after 2nd Nov) - all plus fees


What is an unconference?

An event like you've never attended before. There are no presentations, strict agendas, powerpoint or anything you would associate with a traditional conference. Throughout the day there will be 9 tracks you can attend that involve open discussion lead by a track leader with proven expertise in the discussion subject. The delegates set the conversation and learn from each other. If you want to question the track leader or any of the delegates simply ASK! If you disagree with what is being said SHOUT OUT! If you get bored or find no value in the track, walk away and join another.

All of the tracks offer the opportunity to get hands on, play and learn. If you find you need information not being covered by any of the tracks let us know, we will find an expert to talk to you or set up another track. The day is fluid in structure and is designed to provide maximum learning and participation. The track leaders have been chosen for their expertise and experience in recruiting and have the ability and brief to encourage discussion rather than preach.

Each track will run for a minimum of 90 minutes 4 times during the day.


Here is a tate of what you can expect from @radicalrecruit


What tracks are confirmed?


Matt Alder - Social media circus

One of the UK's leading Social Media Recruiting minds, Matt Alder of Penna Barkers knows the techniques, tools and toys used to recruit talent and build a recruiting brand. Matt is a regular presenter and commentator on all things social media recruiting. Matt will be assisted by Wendy Jacob, a desk recruiter in the construction sector that uses many of the available channels for business and pleasure.

Matt will be on hand to discuss strategy, techniques, the pro's and con's of the channels open to you. Matt and Wendy will help you understand the circus that is social media recruiting.


Bill Boorman - Phoenix recruiting


Bill has been speaking across the country over the last year on his white paper "Tin Hat Strategy", "Riding The Recession" on behalf of the R.E.C. and the National Recruitment Federation. More recently Bill has been track leading at TalentNetLive in Dallas and Recruitfest09 in Toronto on the theme of "Phoenix Recruiting" - making the most of the recovery as it happens. This track will cover the changing wants of candidates and clients and lots of other practical areas set by the delegates. Bill has 27 years experience in and around the recruitment business.


Alastair Cartwright & Alex  Strang- Making recruiting technology work for you


Alastair Cartwright has an enviable track record in on line recruitment, formerly the founder of Enhance Media, one of the first recruitment communications consultancies up to its sale in 2009. Established NORAS as the definitive UK industry standard for assessing recruitment websites and understanding the UK online jobseeker market, with over 42,000 annual surveys


Alex Strang is currently a partner with HB RIDA working with recruitment businesses across the UK to develop technology platforms that support business growth. Prior to this he has a long career as a consultant with Carve Consulting and a lengthy career as an Operations Director with Michael Page.


Alex and Alistair have an unrivalled combined experience of using all types of technology in the recruitment process. The brief for the track is to identify how to make technology work for you and not you for the technology.


Jacqui Steadman - Building a desk in a niche market


Jacqui has over 22 years experience in recruiting working at every level up to Director, building technical desks, branches and divisions. Jacqui understands how to build candidate and client contacts and maximise the revenue potential of both. This will be a very practical track covering interviewing, understanding job specifications, interviewing, networking and many other useful topics for both agency and internal recruiters.


Andy Headworth - Blogging for business


Andy is one of the UK's leading recruitment bloggers through his blog Sirona Says.Andy has a many years experience as both an agency and corporate recruiter and works with some of the leading brands on hiring strategies, both planning and implementation.

This hands on track will show how you can build an employer or agency brand through blogging. During the sessions delegates will develop and structure a blog, set up a site and post blogs to the world  throughout the day. Discuss content and how to get readers through twitter and other channels.

If you have a blog now, open it up to the track for real critique, feedback and change it live to maximise appeal. Bring your laptop and craft and post your own.


Katharine Robinson & Geoff Webb - Sourceology - finding the impossible


Katharine Robinson is a Researcher and footprint manager for a recruitment business in the alternative energy sector. Earlier this year Katherine shocked the sourcing world by ranking highly in the renound sourcing competition, SourceCon#1; 2009

Katherine uses highly advanced search techniques to find and profile difficult to find candidates.

Geoff Webb from Toronto is a Senior Sourcer for Hewitt Associates in Canada and has a reputation as being one of the best sourcers in the business. Geoff is an expert in not only finding but also profiling people on line. In a 5 minute conversation with Geoff you can not fail to learn something new about the art of sourcing.

Bring an open requisition and see how Geoff and Katherine search to find target candidates previously hidden to you. What you learn in this track will pay back the price of your ticket within a month.


Keith Robinson - The Candidate Experience


Keith Robinson is the former COO of and publisher of Personnel Today. Most recently Keith has launched CareerSiteAdvisor, a website to make sense of the job boards incorporating CareerCast and Recruitercast, a live streamed internet TV show aimed at jobseekers and recruiters respectively. As well as running the track keith will also be producing live editions of the show from the unconference, your chance to take part.

The track will cover all things relating to on-line advertising from selecting media, copy writing and response handling along with anything else you want to ask.


Lucian Tarnowski - Generation Y


Aged 25 Lucian is the energetic face behind Brave New Talent He is winner of the Global Enterprising Young Brit of 2009 and has been placed in the UK's top 5 up and coming entrepreneurs by Natwest and RBS. He was the UK's first undergraduate entrepreneur to receive EU financial backing and Edinburgh University support. He is also the world's youngest entrepreneur to join the UKTI (UK Trade and Investment's) Global Entrepreneur Program with Brave New Talent being described by the UK Government as a "Technology company of Exceptional Potential".

There are many theorists on Gen Y talent attraction, lucian is one of the few who is Gen Y. This track will address how to source and attract the best young talent. bring your questions and comments to what promises to be a lively and informative session.

Lucian will also be leading a team in the great debate which takes place between 4.30 and 5.30 between the Gen Y team and the grumpy old men on the topic "Recruiting  and employment needs to change to suit Gen Y"



Mike E Taylor  & Lisa Scales - Recruiter Big Brother


Mike Taylor founded Web Based Recruitment in 2001. Mike had spent the previous 12 years working in HR and Recruitment for major blue chip companies including IBM, Motorola and Nokia.

In his last role at Nokia Mike was the UK Recruitment Specialist with responsibility for Nokia’s UK careers web-site and online advertising strategy. 

Mike has been involved in online recruitment for 9 years and established Web Based Recruitment as an independent online recruitment consultancy to help companies with all aspects of their online recruitment activities. 

In addition Mike launched the UK's first Social Media Recruiting Conference in 2009.

Lisa Scales has over 15 years experience working within the recruitment industry. She has held senior management roles with two of the largest recruitment companies in the world - Kelly Services Inc and Select Appointments plc (part of Vedior plc). Lisa has also gained experience working in HR for a law firm in the city and also recruiting senior HR professionals for an executive search and selection firm. Lisa launched Talent on view in 2008 to provide a video platform for recruiters and job seekers as well as high quality video streaming on to websites.

This track will focus on how video can be used in the recruitment process for promoting opportunities, building employer branding, video for training and selection and the whole video resume argument.

Throughout the day we will be running Recruiter Big Brother Pods for you to make your own video on all things recruitment and anything you want to say. The finished videos will be instantly uploaded and open to the world to show the ease of technology. 


Unconference Extras


Be in the movies

As well as Mike & Lisa's  Recruiter  Big Brother we will be filming 2 live shows at a time to be announced.:

Career Cast

Recruiter Cast

Both owned and run by Keith Robinson, known as Site Advisor. Delegates will form the live studio audience and have the opportunity to question the guest panel made up of recruitment experts.


Live Radio

Ready for lift off is the internet radio show broadcast on blog talk radio. The show is broadcast every Monday at 12.00 - 1.00 for the UK and Australian audience & 6.00 - 7.00 for the US audience. A special edition will be broadcast with interviews and questions from delegates. Video has not killed this radio star!

You can listen to the previous UK Shows at


The  Gen Why Debate

At the close of the tracks a one hour debate will be staged to debate "This House believes that recruiting and employment needs to change to suit Gen Y."  The debating teams will be lead by Alan Whitford of RCEuro.Com

and Lucian Tarnowski  (The generation why's). The debate is open to the floor to contribute, question or disagree, and promises to be entertaining and competitive as well as being thought provoking on a key topic of recruiting strategy.


The Fun Bit/Tweetup

The fun doesn't end with the unconference session. The venue will host the London RTU. That’s a tweetup where we will be joined by tweeters from across the region. If you've not been to a tweet up before these are great events where you can put faces to tweets in a relaxed setting. Lots of opportunity for networking, merriment and to further discuss the learning from the day.


Have a great day, learning while smiling!



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