IAB Social Media Debate: Pick Your Battles

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Wed 3 Feb, 2010 from 4:30pm - 6:00pm
14 Macklin Street
London, WC2B 5NF, UK (Map)
Cost: IAB Members (Free), Non-Members (£99)


Motion: the importance of picking your battles online: when, where and why should brands respond to consumers in social media?

Years ago if consumers were dissatisfied with a product, service or particular brand, they simply told a friend, wrote a letter to Which? magazine or participated in a ‘That’s Life’ phone-in. Now, in a digital era dominated by online reviews, blogs, Facebook groups and Twitter feeds, the consumer voice is louder than ever, and brands are being discussed (behind their backs) at length.

Social media has opened our eyes to the strengths - and weaknesses - of businesses. Thanks to the internet, bad news can spread like wildfire and, unless managed ethically, responsibly and immediately, can tarnish your reputation for good. Or can it?

This session, as part of Social Media Week, will examine the extent to which you should incorporate the digital rants of the public into your communications strategies, and at what point a minor grievance becomes a significant one. Should we actively seek feedback from consumers and how should we be interacting with them online? And should foes be listened to more than friends, fans and followers?

Our panel of experts will provide case studies and practical guidance, encourage debate and answer questions on when we should listen to unhappy customers online, when we should get them involved in our brand campaigns and whether the noise of a few vocal, unhappy customers makes any difference to the bottom line.

Chair: Tom Ollerton, business development manager, Skive

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