The new social rules

Event Info

Wed 24 Nov, 2010 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm
SNR Denton
London, UK (Map)
Cost: £35 + VAT


Next Event - New Social Rules for Living in a Digital Age / 24th November

“The Social Network” aka the Facebook movie is certainly generating debate about how badly girl geeks are treated, whether all nerds are robots and why the traditional media wants to portray social in a really bad light. 

However, what the film is *not* addressing is the new social rules.  If Twitter is about getting the best quip of the day or providing some useful info, Linkedin is about proving "my network is bigger than yours", and Facebook is about sharing that "I have a more interesting life than you";  then there must be some new rules for these new games, but what are they?

This mashup* event will present views from those who are bringing about change, focused on the debate centred around the social norms of etiquette, safety and privacy with technology moving forward have the old rules around these areas moved on and developed or have we got new social rules that lead our lives,
With the  transition from old rules to new rules and then to the new new rules, around location and revealing who and where we are. So what are these new new rules, and what is the impact on our lives that they have not only now, but moving forward.

Imagine the implications on your personal life if you were checked into a location you hadn't visited, and how that could resonate into your professional life these are the areas we imagine will be discussed and more, to explore the impact of the New Social Rules

The next mashup* event is on the 24th November and we aim to debate, build on and clarify the new rules.



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