Less is More

Event Info

Wed 13 Apr, 2011 from 6:30pm - 9:00pm
The Energy Lab
25 Macklin Street, Holborn
London, WC2B 5NN, UK (Map)
Cost: Free, but space is limited so RSVP required


The acronym CSS illicits groans from the backend developer bench. Googling css sucks returns 6,970,000 comedy results. Cascading as in a neutron fission reaction. Style as in every project does it differently. Sheet as in "Holy shiit who came up with this as a standard?"

Less CSS is a javascript library which aims to tackle some of the usual difficulties - If I could just use a variable here - Maybe if we generated the CSS from a JSP - Why is there now more css than actual code?

In this session we'll take some existing stylesheets and tame them using less.


Gus Power is a hairy force of nature who's always looking for better ways to figure out what the right stuff is and how do get it done. He sees software development as part of a bigger thing involving humans and electrons, and he's passionate about creating and sustaining a working environment in which people can be successful.


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