Private Social Networks

Event Info

Thu 23 Jun, 2011 from 6:00pm - 9:30pm
Innovation Warehouse
London, EC1A 9PT, UK (Map)
Cost: £35+VAT


Join us at mashup* to discuss Private Social Networks, listen to speakers and network..

When you observe something once it is an outlier, twice is lucky but the third time it is a trend.

Social networks by their very nature are public and open. Venture money and marketeers like open, big & public as the numbers tend to add up.   With 10% of the world's population now on one big network (and the same 10% on numerous other small ones) where are the other 90%? Do they go for niche private social networks oriented to their specific need?

Here are several that need to be categorized and put into a fancy four quadrant matrix (enterprise, family, collaboration, messaging) Flink12SocialGo,ChatterTreeYammerBeluga (Facebook) and Disco (Google) and we are yet to be convinced whether privacy is the issue that will drive niche or actually a desire to find value for individuals!

An issue for those who join the small ones is that they may miss out on the ease of connection and have their data in a stove pipe that prevents it creating value (but that may be the aim). 


Therefore this mashup* event is going to focus on whether the value for individuals lies in private or public and where public networks are going.....


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