Silicon Valley Start Ups - how & why we should copy them fast!

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Wed 3 Aug, 2011 from 6:30pm - 8:00pm
12 Bayley Street, Bedford Square
London, WC1B 3HD, UK (Map)
Cost: Free - RSVP required to


LikeOurselves was set up as a UK company, however, co-founders Pardeep and Steven quickly found that it's suicidal not to take the best tips from US companies when building a startup.

What is LikeOurselves...?

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In the words of Pardeep and Steven...Life is short, people matter and we believe that conversations count. The internet is fast? Great. I can chat to people at high speed? Great. I can go out and party with these same communities offline tonight? No, you have to wait till next week, next month and for some communities, the option does not exist. This is the bit that is wrong.


We should not have to wait for events that are far off in the future to enjoy the company of like-minded people.


What is the alternative? Rather than waiting, we should be able to bring people together in a natural way today. We want to be able to go out and hang out in a place with these people when we feel like it. LikeOurselves solves this by giving people the ability to organise themselves as a crowd within a single day to choose the same venues to flock to later.

Come along to Central on 3rd August and hear about the trials and tribulations Pardeep and Steven faced along the way. 


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