Drupal In-Depth Training: Advanced Drupal

Event Info

Thu 1 - Fri 2 Sep, 2011 from 9:00am - 5:00pm
Baker Tilly
Russell Square House
London, WC1B 5EH, UK (Map)
Cost: 495


Drupal allows us to achieve a lot and quickly with the right mix of tools and techniques. This Drupal training course gives you a head-start and walks you through all the methods used in more advanced dynamic websites. Create complex content types, sophisticated displays of content and its filtering, advanced community features. Learn how to handle multiple types of media from audio podcast to video and present content with attractive effects.

Advanced Drupal - course information Date: Thursday, 1st and Friday, 2nd September 2011 Time: 9:00am till 5:00pm Location: 10-12 Russell Square, Russell Square House, London, WC1B 5EH Cost: £495 (not including VAT - 10% discount available for charities, BIMA, RSA members)


Who's suitable for this Drupal course? A basic understanding of Drupal site-building (e.g. having attended the Introducing Drupal course), knowledge of HTML and CSS as well as some familiarity with PHP and MySQL.

It is also suitable for Drupal web site administrators wanting to increase their understanding of maintaining a Drupal web site.

Delivery and content The aim of this course are to:

  • Give you a solid understand of the internals of the Drupal architecture
  • An introduction to tools that will help you enhance and standardize site building and development coupled with best practice and rules to guide choices.
  • Explain how to navigate the Drupal community - and in particular Drupal.org - so as to make best use of all the knowledge available.

Teaching is hands-on - we will built a fully working Drupal website with sophisticated interaction workflows and community features. We will be working with Drupal 7.

Course Topics Drupal Architecture The Drupal Stack

  • Within the server environment (i.e. LAMP)
  • Drupal Internals (Core, Modules, Contrib, Sites)
  • Bootstrap Process - walk through the page loading process in broad terms to illustrate the main pieces and how they work together

Kickstarting Development Best Practices - a set of rules to follow through the development process

Foundation Tools

Building Sites - Enhancing Drupal Core functionality with:

  • CCK - The Content Construction Kit
  • Views - Easily construct complex views of your data
  • Panels / Context - layout pages easily in sophisticated ways


Speeding up the Development Process with:

  • Devel - look under the hood of Drupal
  • Features - save and reuse features across sites
  • Drush - speed up development via the command line
  • Backup and Migrate - keep everything safe

The Community

  • The Drupal Development Process - Core and Contrib
  • Issue Queues
  • Patches
  • How to choose modules and make the best use of the depth and breadth of the Drupal community

Brief Intro to Drupal APIs and Theming Intro to theming

Creating a module

Menu system

Form API

Hooks & Alter functions - how to interact with and/or change Drupal behaviour


What do I need to bring? Bring your laptop if you want to install Drupal on your machine and follow along with the site construction.

Payment and costs

We accept the following payment methods:

  • PayPal: All cards accepted except American Express
  • Cheque: Please make cheques payable to ‘BrightLemon Limited’ and send it to Brightlemon London office, Unit 12 (and 8), Zeus House, 16-30 Provost Street, London, N1 7NG



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